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Saturday, April 4, 2015

3/29/15 Week 55

So I feel a little bit like the "boy who cried wolf" with these emails cuz I say every week "man, this was the best week ever!", even when it was only an average week.  So now when I actually have one of those truly "best weeks ever", none of you are going to believe me.....but this time I swear I'm telling the truth that this really was one of the BEST weeks EVER! :) 

Ok so first off...Fabiola has been an investigator for like 3 years but she hasn't gotten baptized because for various reasons she hasn't been able been able to marry her esposo. Buuuut...this week we show up at her house and she is sooo excited, and she shows us her passport that she has just gotten!  And tells us that she and her esposo are going to go ask to the bishop to marry them!  ahhh!!  :)  I'm trying not to get too excited, but it's not working!! Ahh...I'm exploding with joy!  She still has one more appointment with a guy for some legal matter (I don't really know any details if you can't tell..) but she is soooo close. It's so exciting! Then we were talking to her about why they all of a sudden decided to get married, she told us the most beautiful testimony EVER about how before he really wasn't convinced he even wanted to marry her because of her grumpy attitude. She said basically their relationship wasn't going great, until she started meeting with the missionaries.  She said the gospel slowly changed her into a person that he really wants to marry and that her kids can look up to!  It was beautiful! The gospel really changes lives. If ya'll haven't noticed yet  :)

Secondly, we have Bianca who has been an investigator por las eternidades also, which has to do with the fact that she is married to a Jehovahs Witness.  I'd never even met the guy until last night when he stayed for our entire lesson!  He was sooo cool.  He said that we could come back whenever we want and even invited us for a movie party to watch that new bible movie.  We'll probably have to pass on that one but it's the thought that counts :) Haha - pretty much it was a HUGE miracle that we got to talk with him!

Thirdly, we were having a bit of a hard time planning on Friday night.  We couldn't think of anybody to go see at 3 o'clock (that's always the hard time for us), but randomly the name of this less active popped into my head (aka the spirit told me) of Hermana Rodriguez.  She's more than less active, she hasn't ever opened the door to us more than a crack for like 3 seconds to tell us that she doesn't have time.  So logically it's a waste of time right? But since I was really hoping it was the spirit telling us to go see her we decided to do it.  The next day we stopped by and hooray! We were right! She was outside gardening with her 2 daughters. She didn't even have a choice of if she was going to let us help or not, we were already kneeling down in her garden and grabbing her shovels.  But it turned out AWESOME! She really opened up to us, and I think she might actually come to our mission choir concert this Friday.   Missions are funny things...I never thought I would ever get so stoked to help someone garden or do their dishes as I do here!

Fourthly, we played glow in the dark tennis today.

Also, we had 7 people at church!!!  That like hardly EVER happens! It was funny, every single person that came to gospel principles class was our investigator and their friendshippers  :)  And my new comp Sister Ford is sooo awesome!!:) She's so good at listening to the spirit which makes our work alot easier.  Man, I feel like I've been getting so lucky with my comps here. We all just get along so good!  She's been out 9 months. It's weird, after this transfer there is only going to be 1 Spanish sister older than me in the mission!

As you may have heard, I've had some funky health issues lately, the most annoying of which is too much of my precious hair seemed to be falling out.  I saw a doctor and had a blood test which just showed some vitamin deficiencies, so hopefully this will be an easy fix with just some good supplements. Feel free to remember me in your prayers :) 

Love ya'll! Don't forget to watch BECAUSE HE LIVES!!!  It sooo beautiful! I almost cried and thats saying something!! Anywho, share it. Live it. Love it.

<3hermana bonny

**Sorry - no pictures this week**

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