Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6/23/15 Week 66

BAUTISMO!!!...and this isn't like the other times that I've said we are having a baptism and then the week before they cancel and Satan gets them, NO this is happening!  I'm so stoked!  His name is Rene and he was the one I was talking about last week that literally just came out of nowhere and wants to be baptized THIS WEEK!  He moved here from Mexico to stay with his daughter (member) for a while because of some medical stuff, but while he was in Mexico he found the church, met with missionaries, but they never even asked him about baptism! Weird right? Ya I know. 

So then when he got here the English sisters taught him for like 3 weeks until I met him at president's fireside and found out that he literally knows no English!  Grrrrr...We don't like it when English speaking missionaries teach people that only speak Spanish...that's kind of the whole purpose of our calling.  Anyways, so ya we met him, taught him, reviewed the baptismal interview questions with him, he came to church, talked to bishop, and we are all set for the baptism this next Sunday!! Hooray!  Man, it really made all those hard months of learning Spanish SOOO worth it, when I could listen to Rene telling us "thank you for bringing me the gospel in my own language".  So awesome! His testimony is so strong. Obviously no thanks to us.  Its' been such a blessing this past week to work with him! I can't WAIT to see him make this promise with God. He is so ready! But that doesn't mean he doesn't still need your prayers por favor.   Please pray for him, and his girlfriend Teresa who is going to be baptized hopefully the week after:)
 So besides going to see Rene a million times last week, we spent literally ALL day Tuesday putting all of our teaching records on our ipads, and going on exchanges with the sisters in our zone.  So fun! Except this week we have 3 exchanges in 1 week! Ug- it's going to be super exhausting, but worth it :)

Umm what else to say....we had a super awesome moment when we were leaving Rene's house and we saw a family walking up to his door, and I thought..."hey they look familiar..."  It was the familia Martinez!  (The one that literally chased us down a few weeks ago), they just happened to be buying a dog from Rene's family that night! What are the odds?  They live like 20 minutes away and they came at the perfect time right when we were leaving! The mission has really taught me to not believe in coincidences.  God is putting these people in our path!

I love all of you, and this Gospel. Go share it k? I promise the feeling you will get it 100 times better then eating graham canyon!!
this pic is guaranteed to give you nightmares!  cool what can do with an ipad

<3hermana Bonny 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

6/18/15 Week 65

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Oh geez where to even begin with this week?  It was one of those that literally felt like a month (in a good way).  I'm just going to tell y'all about some of the highlights.

Last supper with the best zone evaa!
Like a week ago we were just walking through the trailer park as usual, listening to the lovely calming Mexican rap music (it really invites the spirit into our street contacts) when all of a sudden we hear someone calling "hey it's the Hermanas!" whaaa? So we turn around and see this 12ish year old boy running towards us! He says that he misses us and asks why we haven't come back! Haha...we say "uh sorry? We are here now!"  Then his mom comes out and she's super cool! Then come to find out they met with missionaries last year for a long time, have come to church like 5 times, their kids would go to all the activities, they have friends in the ward and they have no idea why the missionaries stopped coming over.  De ORO! (Golden) We went and met with them this past week and set up to come back tonight and do a family night.  We are pretty stoked! It's not every day a golden family literally chases you down:) 

The Zone 5k service 

Believe it or not we had another 2 investigators just kinda fall from the sky this week... A member in the other ward has parents that speak Spanish, but for some reason they have been meeting with the English missionaries for a little while, going to English ward for a few months and are preparing for baptism on the 27th of this month!  But last night we were able to meet them and they were so stoked when we told them that there was a Spanish ward!  They said they definitely want to start coming and we get to start teaching them.  Yipeeeee more miracles!!:D
The awesome familia Deloya
Last night we had a Fireside with President Ames for all the new members/investigators.  It's like a monthly thing and it seriously changes my life every time! We went with Roman and I'll just  tell you all a little of what he talked about.  He spoke about the conversion process and how it happens gradually.  He said that "the evidence of faith is a desire to come closer to Jesus Christ".  That one liner just really stuck with me.  There have been so many times on my mission that have forced me to really question my faith.  "Do I really believe this stuff?"  I've  had some times where I've felt like I really don't even have faith, and I've had investigators that have been in that similar situation.  But trust me, you can't spend every waking hour talking to people about stuff you don't even believe. . 

Now I still don't understand perfectly, but I know what Alma said is true.  Faith isn't a perfect knowledge. of anything!  We don't need that to follow Jesus Christ, that's not the point of this life.  What the President said about  that really changed the way I think about things.  When I feel down on least have desires to follow Christ then I can't be doing too bad)  I know my Savior lives and wants to help me and everyone to know what they need to do to follow him.:) It's the best feeling ever when you figure it out! I'm definitely still working on it! That's my spiritual thought for the day! :D Love yall tons! 

<3hermana bonny

Sunday, June 7, 2015

6/2/15 Week 64

Aren't we photogenic??
So basically the biggest thing that has ever happened in the history of Fort Worth Texas is happening THIS week! Get excited!!.....IPADS!  Wooooooo!!  We had a 4 hour training on how to use them on Tuesday.  It was sooo fun! The whole mission got together and we listened to these important people talk about how to use them.  One of them just spoke in conference, Elder Nelson, and also this funny guy named brother Keel (I think) basically the whole meeting just confirmed my testimony on how true the church is!  Our leaders are SO inspired! What they are doing is giving us this technology and teaching us skills of how to use it for the rest of our lives.  They discussed how to help our children avoid pornography and how to have a better relationship with your spouse.   So yes, this is the last time I will email ya'll from someone else's computer :)  Oh and get excited fam, cuz when we enter "Facebook phase" next month ya'll can help me teach investigators!  Well...mostly just dad...cuz he's the only one who speaks spanish. 

In other news, this week I went on an exchange with sister Tuna (our sister training leader) and haha....It's kind of really stressful when we have English exchanges because that just means that the missionary who stays in the Spanish  area gets to teach 100% of all the that's the boat I was in. Weirdest situation I've ever been in: me, my English sister training leader, a Hispanic less active who's wearing a swimsuit, and a random hermano from our ward , all of us eating at a ritzy sushi buffet reading the scriptures together while Katy Perry is playing in the background.  ya, those are the types of experiences that you only have in the mission:) wouldn't trade it for anything! ....although I'm not gonna lie, after that lesson my brain was the most fried it has been my entire mission!

I've become a really good multitasker on the mish
We also had a pretty awesome break through with Blanca this week.   We decided that since she had told us she wasn't going to be ready for baptism for awhile we would read the whole book of Mormon with her to help her get a testimony.  This last week when we went over she said that she had been talking with her JW mom who flat out told her "if you feel good in that church, then go for it!" yyyaaaaayyyy!  Thank you Jehovah's witness mom!  So now Blanca is seriously right on the edge.   All she needs is for her husband to say the same thing and she's there.  She knows this is Gods true church.  It's the #1 best feeling in the whole world when an investigator bears their testimony to you  :)   Have I said that I know this church is true?? 

Well it is.<3hermana bonny