Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Sunday, June 7, 2015

6/2/15 Week 64

Aren't we photogenic??
So basically the biggest thing that has ever happened in the history of Fort Worth Texas is happening THIS week! Get excited!!.....IPADS!  Wooooooo!!  We had a 4 hour training on how to use them on Tuesday.  It was sooo fun! The whole mission got together and we listened to these important people talk about how to use them.  One of them just spoke in conference, Elder Nelson, and also this funny guy named brother Keel (I think) basically the whole meeting just confirmed my testimony on how true the church is!  Our leaders are SO inspired! What they are doing is giving us this technology and teaching us skills of how to use it for the rest of our lives.  They discussed how to help our children avoid pornography and how to have a better relationship with your spouse.   So yes, this is the last time I will email ya'll from someone else's computer :)  Oh and get excited fam, cuz when we enter "Facebook phase" next month ya'll can help me teach investigators!  Well...mostly just dad...cuz he's the only one who speaks spanish. 

In other news, this week I went on an exchange with sister Tuna (our sister training leader) and haha....It's kind of really stressful when we have English exchanges because that just means that the missionary who stays in the Spanish  area gets to teach 100% of all the that's the boat I was in. Weirdest situation I've ever been in: me, my English sister training leader, a Hispanic less active who's wearing a swimsuit, and a random hermano from our ward , all of us eating at a ritzy sushi buffet reading the scriptures together while Katy Perry is playing in the background.  ya, those are the types of experiences that you only have in the mission:) wouldn't trade it for anything! ....although I'm not gonna lie, after that lesson my brain was the most fried it has been my entire mission!

I've become a really good multitasker on the mish
We also had a pretty awesome break through with Blanca this week.   We decided that since she had told us she wasn't going to be ready for baptism for awhile we would read the whole book of Mormon with her to help her get a testimony.  This last week when we went over she said that she had been talking with her JW mom who flat out told her "if you feel good in that church, then go for it!" yyyaaaaayyyy!  Thank you Jehovah's witness mom!  So now Blanca is seriously right on the edge.   All she needs is for her husband to say the same thing and she's there.  She knows this is Gods true church.  It's the #1 best feeling in the whole world when an investigator bears their testimony to you  :)   Have I said that I know this church is true?? 

Well it is.<3hermana bonny

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