Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6/23/15 Week 66

BAUTISMO!!!...and this isn't like the other times that I've said we are having a baptism and then the week before they cancel and Satan gets them, NO this is happening!  I'm so stoked!  His name is Rene and he was the one I was talking about last week that literally just came out of nowhere and wants to be baptized THIS WEEK!  He moved here from Mexico to stay with his daughter (member) for a while because of some medical stuff, but while he was in Mexico he found the church, met with missionaries, but they never even asked him about baptism! Weird right? Ya I know. 

So then when he got here the English sisters taught him for like 3 weeks until I met him at president's fireside and found out that he literally knows no English!  Grrrrr...We don't like it when English speaking missionaries teach people that only speak Spanish...that's kind of the whole purpose of our calling.  Anyways, so ya we met him, taught him, reviewed the baptismal interview questions with him, he came to church, talked to bishop, and we are all set for the baptism this next Sunday!! Hooray!  Man, it really made all those hard months of learning Spanish SOOO worth it, when I could listen to Rene telling us "thank you for bringing me the gospel in my own language".  So awesome! His testimony is so strong. Obviously no thanks to us.  Its' been such a blessing this past week to work with him! I can't WAIT to see him make this promise with God. He is so ready! But that doesn't mean he doesn't still need your prayers por favor.   Please pray for him, and his girlfriend Teresa who is going to be baptized hopefully the week after:)
 So besides going to see Rene a million times last week, we spent literally ALL day Tuesday putting all of our teaching records on our ipads, and going on exchanges with the sisters in our zone.  So fun! Except this week we have 3 exchanges in 1 week! Ug- it's going to be super exhausting, but worth it :)

Umm what else to say....we had a super awesome moment when we were leaving Rene's house and we saw a family walking up to his door, and I thought..."hey they look familiar..."  It was the familia Martinez!  (The one that literally chased us down a few weeks ago), they just happened to be buying a dog from Rene's family that night! What are the odds?  They live like 20 minutes away and they came at the perfect time right when we were leaving! The mission has really taught me to not believe in coincidences.  God is putting these people in our path!

I love all of you, and this Gospel. Go share it k? I promise the feeling you will get it 100 times better then eating graham canyon!!
this pic is guaranteed to give you nightmares!  cool what can do with an ipad

<3hermana Bonny 

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