Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Saturday, May 31, 2014

5/26/14 Week 11

Hmm where to start....Monday we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards! So cool, it’s a crazy historic, very Texan-cowboy section of town! Yeeehaw!

We watched them heard cattle down the street and ate some good ole Texas bbq.  The Elders each ate 14 ribs!  Ahh puke! I had 4 and I felt like my skirt was going to rip!  Then we took some pictures with the cowboys and rode a longhorn…in a dress!  I've never felt so much like a true Texan!

Tuesday the investigators we met with happened to be all of our flaky ones.  I don't know why they all like us to come on the same the morning was forgettable, but that night we had noche de hogar (FHE) with our ward.  It was so fun!  We had a few less actives come which was sweet!  We played "te amo a su vesino? (Do you love your neighbor?)  haha yaa....we maybe should have thought of a more calm game to play with our ward....

Wednesday I had to give my first training at district meeting! Gulp…in Spanish... double gulp.  If I already wasn't nervous enough, guess who decides to show up and listen to our meeting? Just my luck - the President's Assistants!  I had the nervous rash to the max, but I think I pulled it out OK.  At least that's what Hermana Black said, but she's always nice to me so who knows. 

District Meeting with the Assistants

Thursday was planning. Ugg.  But afterwards we had a Relief Society activity where we learned how to make Mexican food, and they gave us a ward recipe cookbook! So get ready family for when I come home, cuz I'm gonna have to put that thing to use! I hope y'all like chili and beans.

Saturday! Cool missionary story -  Saturdays are usually our contacting days because everyone is just hanging out outside.  So we drove to this neighborhood thinking it would be good, but we walked around for a little bit and nobody was really outside and it smelled like poop, so we both just wanted to leave.  We walked back to the car and started to drive away but then it was the weirdest thing; I just felt like we shouldn't leave yet.  I had no idea why.  So I turned to Hermana Black, but before I could even say anything she said "Hna I think we should knock a few doors here before we leave".  Sweet, comp telepathy!  Then she drove around the block and parked in front of a random house, and knocked a few doors with no luck.  Then we headed back to the car and decided to at least knock the door of the house we parked in front of because why not?  So we did and guess what?!  Yep! I'm guessing you guessed it because this story is pretty predictable.  This lady was SUPER interested!  We taught a porch lesson, gave her a book of Mormon and we have a cita (appt) with her tonight!  And that is why you follow the spirit:)

Sunday was a bummer day, because the M.. family just decided not to show up to dinner with the Condes.  That is super sad because they didn't come to church either and they are supposed to get baptized in 3 weeks.  But the Condes are awesome! They made sure we got fed and then Bro Conde made us his famous hot chocolate and we drank it outside on their porch during a lightning storm.  It was weird because for a second I felt like I was with my family again!  But don't worry guys they could never replace you;)

Yesterday we went shopping with our 17 year old recent convert. So fun!  We saw one of our investigators at the mall and she pulled Erika in for a kiss on the cheek (which is what Latinos always do), but Erika is not Hispanic and her face was priceless! Then we went to a pool bbq with a bunch of members.  Its just swimming...its not that fun…thinks Missionary Bonny...ha ....ha........
Anyways that's my week in a nutshell! Love all of you! :)  

 Hermanita Bonny

5/19/14 Week 10

Quick update on the work:   It's going well. We have 12 investigators and hopefully 3 more after this week!  Too many appointments to count.  jk... there's never too many!   The M.. family didn't come to church on Sunday, but the mom and the daughter at least are ready to be baptized.  It's just hard to make our investigators realize how important LIVING righteously is!  They say they love God and have faith, but we are having a hard time helping them realize that faith without works is dead.  Our other baptism is scheduled for the 28th of June.  Cross your fingers for her, the Jehovah's Witness have started attacking her and she is super confused about who to believe right now.

One of the awesome people we are teaching
And on the lighter, non-spiritual side:  It really stinks that they don't have a word for "awkward" in Spanish, because I feel like I can't express my feelings without it....ya sometimes I'm just really AWKWARD.  Here is a perfect example from this past week:

Saturday night this lady in our ward was having her wedding reception at the church, and since she invited us and we thought we might  have some potential investigators there we decided to go.  I was looking forward to it all day, because weddings are so fun.  We made our first mistake by showing up at 6:30 when they said it was going to start...we forgot to apply Latino time.  So we were the first ones there. Awkward.  

Then after a while of just standing around making small talk with the members, dinner is about to start so we go in.  But, as if picking a seat in a party isn't already stressful enough, imagine being a missionary!  Way too many things play into that decision.  Not only do we want to pick a seat next to someone who we want to talk to, but we need to find someone who is maybe a nonmember, maybe needs a friend, or looks less active AND somehow muster the telepathy and hope they live in our area otherwise the dinner is  basically pointless.  So after standing in the corner and surveying our options for way awkwardly too long, we decide to go to the bathroom and hope more options show up.  They don't. So we sit with the less active family we've sat with at the past 2 ward parties.   Then no one talks.  Awkward.  Then I decide to get a drink, and it gets stuck and overflows and spills. Awkward.
Then it's finally time to get my food and I accidentally get too much sauce and it overflows my plate.  I try to dump some of the sauce back into the dish, and people see. Awkward.  I go eat my food and the sauce that overtook my whole meal is SUPER spicy so I have a mini seizure. Awkward.  Of course it spilled on my dress, which was inevitable, but still awkward. Then to cool my mouth off I rush to the chocolate fountain and plow over someone's kid. Awkward.  Then I drop my chocolate fountain stick down my poor dress while trying to organize an exchange with a member.  Then finally we leave without saying good bye to anyone, which felt quite awkward, and I'm pretty sure I smelled like onions the whole time.  Awkward.

The end.

Love you all!:)  My life really isn't as pathetic as i just made it sound...most of the time;)

Hermana Bonny