Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Saturday, May 31, 2014

5/13/14 Week 9

I'd like to start out by apologizing for that lousy email last week....but it was worth it because the zoo was AWESOME! 

Me doing my best hippo impersonation

We look EVERYWHERE for people to teach!

That was Monday, then Tuesday we had zone training which was fun, except for I'm pretty sure my Zone Leaders pity me because I can't speak Spanish.  In the "role plays", they always give me those worthless compliments that you only say to people when you can't think of anything else, like "you have such awesome enthusiasm". Gimme a break! 


Wednesday I had my first exchange. Yippee! I went to Hurst with my Sister Training Leader.  SO FUN!  We taught 7 lessons in 1 day!  And at dinner we ate with this family and talked for at least a half hour about all of the different ways you can get if your tupperware has a triangle with a 5 on it, beware!

Thursday was Zone Conference with President Ames!  I seriously have THE BEST Mission Pres EVER!!!   We talked a lot about "being a little boulder" and he gave us all these small cute rocks as a reminder.  Oh, and then we had our first tornado warning!... which was followed by absolutely no wind, so it was a big false alarm. It sounds ludicrous but I seriously want to experience a tornado while I'm here!

Friday was pretty average...the Stake Pres and his wife came over to inspect our apartment and they brought us not one or two, but a WHOLE  plate of peanut butter cookies!  My ultimate weakness (after waffles of course)!  Don't these darn Texans know that we have to find husbands when we get home?!

Saturday the Hispanics celebrated "Dia de Las Madres" (Mother's Day).  Apparently it's a much bigger deal in Latina culture.  Mom I love and honor you a ton, but these guys are crazy about madres!  We went to a ward party and it was insane! We were expecting the typical nice chicken cordon bleu dinner with tacky center pieces and small talk, but no, this fiesta was decked out with chocolate fountains, balloon archways, candle lit dinner, and gangem style!  These guys went all out! Ha-ha....I'm not too sad we missed the karaoke though...(shudder)  

The beautiful Dallas Temple
Then Sunday of course was great! We ate with my favorite couple from Puerto Rico, and then I got to talk to my most favorite people!  Love you fam!:):)

Yesterday we set a baptism date!!! Yahoo!  Her name is E... and she's a cute young mom. It’s been a little hard to teach her because her kids are like the equivalent of gremlins.  But last week while I was on the exchange they were all watching a movie so Sis Black and George had an awesome lesson with her that totally opened the door we needed yesterday to set the date!!:)  

Then today, temple. Best day ever. The end.
Love all of you!

Love Hermana Bonita

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