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Saturday, June 20, 2015

6/18/15 Week 65

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Oh geez where to even begin with this week?  It was one of those that literally felt like a month (in a good way).  I'm just going to tell y'all about some of the highlights.

Last supper with the best zone evaa!
Like a week ago we were just walking through the trailer park as usual, listening to the lovely calming Mexican rap music (it really invites the spirit into our street contacts) when all of a sudden we hear someone calling "hey it's the Hermanas!" whaaa? So we turn around and see this 12ish year old boy running towards us! He says that he misses us and asks why we haven't come back! Haha...we say "uh sorry? We are here now!"  Then his mom comes out and she's super cool! Then come to find out they met with missionaries last year for a long time, have come to church like 5 times, their kids would go to all the activities, they have friends in the ward and they have no idea why the missionaries stopped coming over.  De ORO! (Golden) We went and met with them this past week and set up to come back tonight and do a family night.  We are pretty stoked! It's not every day a golden family literally chases you down:) 

The Zone 5k service 

Believe it or not we had another 2 investigators just kinda fall from the sky this week... A member in the other ward has parents that speak Spanish, but for some reason they have been meeting with the English missionaries for a little while, going to English ward for a few months and are preparing for baptism on the 27th of this month!  But last night we were able to meet them and they were so stoked when we told them that there was a Spanish ward!  They said they definitely want to start coming and we get to start teaching them.  Yipeeeee more miracles!!:D
The awesome familia Deloya
Last night we had a Fireside with President Ames for all the new members/investigators.  It's like a monthly thing and it seriously changes my life every time! We went with Roman and I'll just  tell you all a little of what he talked about.  He spoke about the conversion process and how it happens gradually.  He said that "the evidence of faith is a desire to come closer to Jesus Christ".  That one liner just really stuck with me.  There have been so many times on my mission that have forced me to really question my faith.  "Do I really believe this stuff?"  I've  had some times where I've felt like I really don't even have faith, and I've had investigators that have been in that similar situation.  But trust me, you can't spend every waking hour talking to people about stuff you don't even believe. . 

Now I still don't understand perfectly, but I know what Alma said is true.  Faith isn't a perfect knowledge. of anything!  We don't need that to follow Jesus Christ, that's not the point of this life.  What the President said about  that really changed the way I think about things.  When I feel down on least have desires to follow Christ then I can't be doing too bad)  I know my Savior lives and wants to help me and everyone to know what they need to do to follow him.:) It's the best feeling ever when you figure it out! I'm definitely still working on it! That's my spiritual thought for the day! :D Love yall tons! 

<3hermana bonny

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