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Thursday, May 28, 2015

5/26/15 Week 63

Man I feel like I just barley wrote ya'll....I guess that's what happens when you email twice in 5 days.  Well these past few days have been pretty hard core missionary stellar awesome! :D :D  So I'm gonna give a little update on how everybody is doing here in Lewisville! 

OK so we are still working with Fabiola, Jerry and Daisy.  Fabiola is what we call an "eternigator".  She can't get baptized because her novio won't marry her..bleh.  But her testimony is SO strong and she's the best missionary and example to everyone she meets, and she's technically not even a member!  She flat out told her boss that coffee is not good for you and that she refuses to drink it. And she mailed a BoM to her sister and mom. Heck ya! Jerry is her "little chunk" who was going to get baptized, but then we all decided that it would be better for him to wait a little longer.  Personally I had a bit of a hard time with that...They need the Holy Ghost! Daisy is her daughter who was baptized 3 years ago after beating leukemia. She is sooo awesome! Such a strong testimony! And she has been bringing her best friend to church for the past few months.  We just talked with her friend (Maria) and she wants to start taking the lessons.  Yippee #everymemberornonmemberamissionary!

We are also still working with Blanca.  She's also a bit of a eternigator....She's told us sooo many times that she knows this is the true church, but still is afraid of getting baptized because she doesn't have the support from her JW esposo, but we are working on that.  Right now we are reading the whole Book of Mormon through with her so she can understand it.  Also we are working with Sonya!  She is the one that moved here a year ago from Honduras where she went to church with her sister who is a member. She absolutely LOVES the church!  In the apartment complex where she lives we are practically famous because Sonya tells everyone about us and invites them to come to her church.  Haha - we are going to need a bus......Anyways the only thing holding her back is that she still doesn't understand why she needs to get baptized again. She was baptized in some Christian church a long time ago, but she just always says "No quiero jugar con Dios", or she doesn't want to mess around with serious things like baptism.  We are going to teach her a pretty hardcore apostasy lesson tonight!  I'm stoked!  Also *cool story* we brought her to watch a baptism on Saturday, and of course we ended up running late..Latino time....and we walked in the door literally RIGHT as the girl was entering the water! Miracle!! God knew Sonya needed to see it:)

Amazing Zone Conference last week

Other than that we have been doing TONS of finding lately.  We recently found Claudia (typical Mexican mom), la familia Torrez (trying to decide between our church and Pentecostals), Miriam (Honduran soccer player who is up for anything), Jennifer and Veronica (14 year olds who love reading the BoM:) So ya, basically good things are happening here! Please keep these people in your prayers!

Unfortunately I kinda messed up my back somehow this past week.  I just got back from the chiropractor and he said I have to stop running for 2 weeks.  Likely has something to do with the fact that I have one leg like an inch shorter than the other, which is giving me a curved spine :'( :'(   Hopefully shoe inserts will do the trick.  I get really frustrated with my body sometimes.  Grrr - just work!  So if anyone wants to remember my back in their prayers that would be awesome.

Always learning how to be a better missionary
I feel like I bear this testimony in every email, but I KNOW that God hears and answers prayers.  The other day it was just a hard day.  I really don't even remember why, but I just remember thinking "man I just need a hug!"  So I decided to pray, and right after that I still felt crappy..So I went to the BoM and opened to Alma 26 (my fav chapter) right there vs 27-31, sooo perfect! Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.  I know that no matter where we are in our lives, that God wants to help us and he labors with us:)
Love you ya'll

<3hermana bonny

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