Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Sunday, May 24, 2015

5/18/15 Week 62

Ok don’t have tons of time today due to our viaje al templo  J  I will never take the temple for granted EVER again after the mish! It’s the most amazing place eeevvvvaaaa!  I feel like every time I go I get answers to questions that I didn’t even know I had!  But seriously, I have such a strong testimony that God knows us all personally and loves us. 

Girls Day/P-Day...Sis Wankier is so awesome! She
took us to the temple and then Mongolian Stir fry
Quick update on our lovely Lewisville basically what we are doing right now is "purging" out our area and really just trying to focus in on those people who have real desires to change.  BUT for all of you Spanish missionaries out there, you know that’s not always the easiest thing to do...everyone loves Jesus out here!  And they all want us to come back, but then when it comes to actually doing something to change their life...most of them just have no ganas:(   But we have really just been praying hard to find those people who really are ready to make a change and can tell that our message isn’t just another bible study.  And God always honors righteous desires!  This week we found 6 solid new investigators :)  Well we are going to see how solid they actually are...but as of right now we both feel pretty good about them.  Tanya still hasn’t talked to us, but I’m not giving up hope!  Sonya is doing awesome!  She came to church for the 3rd time and found a job.  Yaay!  HUGE answer to lots of prayers.   And Fabiola is still our mom (we kind of have lots of those here).   She gave us yet another huge sack of zebra striped clothes to take home...ha-ha,  we looked really cool riding our bikes home with that.   

Blanca is still doing awesome too!  Pretty much I’m just so thankful for this area and all the work we have.  OH - This Sunday Luis came to church, stake conference!! HE's a less active that we've been working with for like my whole time here, so that was extremely awesome!  He went and shaved, got his hair cut and everything :)  It was so cute. 
My comp and I have joined a new group that we are pretty stoked about!
We also had interviews with President yesterday.  Have I said how inspired he is?  We talked a lot about what it means to really have success, which I really didn’t even ask him about, but somehow he knew it was just what I needed to hear.   1. Have genuine prayer, scripture study, journal writing, and taking the sacrament  2. Bear testimony at every chance you get   3. Don’t compare yourself to others and recognize even your failures for the success they really are:)  LOVE IT! And I know that applies to everyone’s life regardless of if you're a missionary or not. 

Still love Sis Ford tons!  No tornados this week but rain everyday  :(    I’m really ready for some sun!  I’ll probably get transferred in like 3 weeks (sniff sniff).  I really would be totally fine if I finished up here.  I love Lewisville!  What if my new area doesn’t have Fro-Yo??  ahhh! 

Oh how I love this gospel.  I know that in whatever our righteous cause is, the Lord of the vineyard labors with us:) 

<3 Hermana bonny

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