Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Sunday, May 10, 2015

5/8/15 Week 60

Buenos Tardes mi querido familia!  Man did we have a week freakin full of goodness!!  To be honest I was kind of not looking forward to this week because we had like NO scheduled citas, and lots of free time which usually means contacting...beh....BUT this week seriously turned out sooo good.  I'll tell you about a few of the highlights ...and some of lowlights..cuz there were a few of those too.

our adventure to the famous "flower mound"

Ok ill get the lowlights out of the way first.  We've taught Carolina and her and her son 2 times and they both have baptism dates.  On Sunday we were super surprised and happy that she came to the last hour of church! So we took her to the relief society and… (cue bummer music) the WHOLE entire class was on their new visiting teaching assignments:(  It was sooo boring!  Carolina stayed for like 40 minutes but finally she just couldn't take it anymore and she said "this is really boring" and she left.  Can I really blame her? I was falling asleep myself.  If any of you are ever in charge of teaching a class, PLEASE don't talk about visiting teaching refrigerator magnets for 30 minutes.  We are going to see her this Thursday.  Pray for her.

Ok to the good stuff - This week we talked to the sociodad de soccoro to see if they could help out one of our investigators who is reeeeaaallllllyyy struggling right now, and Monday night they went ABOVE and BEYOND! They went to the Bishop's Storehouse and wow! I wish I could have taken a picture of what her face looked like when we walked into her house with like 20 bags full of food and clothes and soap...etc.  Sigh....I just love being a missionary :) 

Ok, BEST part of the week!  It was Saturday and we had no citas so we decided to stop by this less active family but they weren't there so we decided that, hey God probably sent us here for a reason right? So we decided to knock some of the apartment doors until we found someone to talk to.  We knocked like 5 doors and none were hispanics...(shudder, the white ones are always the meanest) but then at about the 7th door we knocked this girl our age answered.  She looked a little, like emoish.  Basically not like someone who is prepared to hear the gospel. (Never judge by appearance!)   But we introduced ourselves and told her that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and told her that we want to talk to her about the plan that God has for her.  Surprisingly she said "ya i think I'd like to hear about that" and she let us in.  Then what happened next was literally like one of those lessons from the district! (like where the person asks all the golden questions that you think nobody in real life really asks, and then the spirit guides you to say all the right answers and then everyone is like crying together and they say they want to get baptized after only listening for 30 minutes)  It was an experience I will NEVER forget.  She says she has been struggling with depression, but that the Plan of Salvation just feels "right", like something she's heard before - ahhh!! :)  You have no idea what it's like to actually hear those words come out of these people's mouths.  I literally get goosebumps:)  I know that we were literally sent to her that day for a reason.  Her heart was so prepared to hear about this gospel!  Too bad we have to give her to the YSA elders..Sniff sniff:'( 

Anywho, I know my words could not touch people the way I've seen without the help of the Holy Ghost.  Our message is perfect :) 

Love you all!!

<3 Hermana bonny

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