Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Sunday, April 6, 2014

4/3/2014 Week Four

Yay!! I'm outta here in a week and a half!   I'm sooo excited to be out in the real world.  The CCM is great and all...but I feel like I've been reliving the same day since march 5th and my whole life is in a fenced in square!  Don't get me wrong I'm still loving it, but the longer I stay here the more antsy I get to get out.  So with that being said...I don't really have that much news to write about.....umm....I ate some more chicken for breakfast lunch and that....umm..  Oh, my comps and I committed both of our fake investigators to baptism!   Yippee!!  Really that doesn't mean anything though because they say yes to every commitment we extend...probably just because they can't understand our Spanish, but it was still cool:)   

 Pretty much everything we do here just makes me more and more excited to go out and do it for real. Even though I still can't understand people!  Ha-ha  I wish you guys could see the  conversations my roommates and I have with the Latinas we live with!  Basically it consists of us all of us laughing at each other because none of us can understand what we are trying to say! 
So that's why I was so surprised at how sad I was when they left on Tuesday :(   They stress "love the people you teach" here so much, and after living with those girls I'm not worried about that at all.   On Monday night we had a little performance night with them in our casa, so cute!   They heard my district and I singing on our way back home from class (like always), so when we got back to our casa they all were in our living room with their cameras and hymn books out.  So we just sang together for like an hour!   They were slightly tone deaf...but it didn't even matter!  They are so cute!

In other news, I was sprung from jail today!   Only for a few hours but it was still AWESOME, and a much appreciated breath of fresh air outside the CCM:)   We got to go to the Mexico Temple Visitors Center.  Sadly the temple is closed for cleaning  so we couldn't do a session :(  But the visitors center is seriously the coolest, most high tech way to learn about the gospel ever.  I guess I wasn't expecting very much...but no, it is this huge building with touch screens, moving pictures,  and Mac computer apps galore!  If the church decided to make an amusement park, it would be the Mexico temple visitors center. 
 I was almost surprised there were no actual rides in there!   It was funny on the way back because the whole time on the bus everyone was freaking out at how crazy the drivers are here.  And I was just sitting there thinking "Wow, compared to Dominican Republic and Ecuador this is nothing!"   I didn't realize it, but I think I'm a lot more used to this stuff then the average American!

We are watching Women's Conference on Saturday at the same time as the Elder's Priesthood session.  So pretty much my whole "weekend" (whatever that is..) is going to be General Conference!   I'm super excited!!'s weird to think about the things that make me excited now.   For example Friday is Service Day and I've never been so excited to clean a kitchen or scrub a house ever!   And to watch ALL the sessions of General Conference...I've never been able to do it before, or honestly even wanted to, but now I can't wait!!:)

Elder Bigler from back home!

I leave for Texas in exactly 12 days and I know I say I can't wait to leave, but I'm probably going to be kicking myself for thinking that when I'm actually out in the field and I don't get to see my awesome district anymore.  You have no idea how awesome the people are that I'm with!  There are 5 Hermanas and 5 Elders and we all just mesh so great.  I'm still getting used to the whole "no flirting" thing which has been a bit of a challenge for me...especially when the elders always seem to forget that is a rule! Grrr...they don't make it easy, but I love them all so much, basically they are all weirdly EXCACLY like my guy friends back home!

*FUN FACT: in Mexico it only costs 10 pesos to go to college.  whaaaaaaaaa?? Mindblowing. 

So basically the church is so true!  I know in my emails I haven't been mentioning a lot about the spiritual side of things here, but that only because I have no idea where to start!  Every Tuesday and Sunday nights we have these devotionals that are either from an Area Seventy or  a video from a General Authority, and every single one of them seriously leaves me just sitting here thinking about how lucky I am that I get to teach people this stuff for a year and a half!   You guys all know I'm not a crier, like at all…and especially about spiritual things.  Umm ya, that's not so true anymore.   Maybe I'm just becoming more of a pansy, but I'm pretty sure it's because the Spirit is so stinkin' strong here!  Even when you can't even understand anything that is being said!  So amazing.  Well that's all.  Hopefully next week will be my last boring email!

Love all of you soooo much!:)
Love Hermana Bonny

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