Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/2/14 Week 12

Super super great week!!!!  Not to brag or anything but guess who made it in the top 8 companionships in the mission for this week?  Yep, US!   But even though numbers are just numbers we still had 6 people at church on Sunday, which is SOOO awesome because for the past 4 weeks we've only had 1 person come.   But anyways, this week the whole M.. family (including the dad which is a really big deal), and this guy we found named Fabian who is this 23 year old ambulance driver who was baptized in Ecuador when he was little, but then hasn't been to church in like 10 years.  He is super awesome!  He just found us and said that he wants to come back to church, and relearn all of the lessons!  And then an older guy, who only likes to talk about his kidney stones also came.

View out of our back window
 This week we were pretty 
 much sick of everyone telling us that they were going to do things and then not doing them, so Sister Black found this awesome scripture (Col 3:23-24) that basically says "Don't do these things because we are telling you to.  Do it for God!", and it worked!   We seriously saw so much progress in ALL of our investigators this week.  Sometimes being bold is scary..especially in Spanish, when I don't even know how to be polite yet...but it works.

Funny story:  Last week it was the end of the month so we had basically 0 miles left on our car, so we figured that now would be a good time to put our bikes together...Dad I seriously took you for granted!  I don't even know if I deserve to call myself your daughter anymore!  It took us like 40 minutes just to figure out how screw on the wheels and hook up the chain, and then just when we thought we were done we remembered about the brakes.  They were beyond both of us!  So we decided to take an adventure through da hood and take them to an awesome less active family, the H.. family, because the dad is a super "fix it" type.  He kind of reminds me of you dad, except he's Mexican and has way more swag;)  Basically just picture the 2 of us white girls walking our bikes that both have flat tires, in our skirts, weaving though like 3 different gangs who were all out jumping around with their pants falling off their butts! I don't get why that's fun..?  We looked a little out of place.  So then we finally get there and he fixes our brakes in like 2 seconds..embarrassing.  But then he says we has an air compressor so we can pump up our tires in like 2 seconds.  The next thing we hear is a huge BOOM  (it was Sis Black's tire if you didn't catch that).   I've never seen a Mexican turn red in the face before, but it was sooo funny!  So then while he went in and tried to find something to replace it, we invented a really fun game with the kids where you put bike helmets on your face and then punch each other as hard as you can!  I would definitely recommend it:)

Don't ever tell me you get tired of these Bonny/Black selfies!
 Well that's basically it! I love y'all sooooo much!!!  keep me updated on your lives!:)  
THE CHURCH IS TRUE!     - Hermanita Bonny

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