Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Sunday, July 6, 2014

6/9/14 Week 13

I know I probably sound like a broken record now but I LOVE MY MISSION!!  This week was seriously awesome! I think all of your prayers have been working because I feel like my Spanish is finally clicking!  Hermana Black and I pretty much taught equal this week which hasn't even come close to happening up until now:)  I'm just going to tell you a few of the highlights...

1.  We went to teach our normal lesson with the Martinez family, and we were teaching about eternal families, then all of a sudden the 17 year old daughter who got baptized in march just started tearing up.  I was a little nervous because I hoped I hadn't  offend her or anything, but I asked her what was wrong and through her tears she choked out "Nothing is wrong.  I just think you guys are so amazing.  You leave your families for a year and a half so that other people can live with theirs forever. It just blows me away."  Then she just completely broke down in tears.  No joke. That right there made all the stress, frustration, and gross back sweat worth it!  

2.  We now have an investigator who is 90 years old.  I hope she doesn't die before we can help her get baptized!

3.  Not sure if this counts as a "highlight", but we rode our bikes for the first time...ha.  Dad remember how big of a turd I always was when you wanted to ride bikes to Coldstone for family night?  But I never would because I didn't want to look stupid, especially wearing a helmet?  You would be so proud of me now.  We had quite the adventure!  There's this gang in the hood now that calls us the "Girl Scouts".  I feel like it would be fun to actually bring them cookies sometime:)
4.  I'm sort of living a novella (aka Mexican soap opera) right now.  It's pretty intense!  I'll make a super long story into a super short one...  We have 2 less actives that both had lame excuses for not coming to church, and we just found out its because they both used to be friends but then 5 years ago something HUGE  happened between them.  So now they both are afraid to come to church because they are afraid of seeing each other.  And apparently the whole ward has taken sides and takes it out on their kids....ya, I thought I would miss watching my stupid drama shows, but no, I get to live it!   But what was the scandal between Veronica and Lucy?  Was Hermana Gonzalez involved?  And who will come out on top?  Find out next week as the saga continues!
5.  We went to an awesome fireside with President Ames yesterday.  While I was there, I saw Blaine! ..or I should say Elder McMurray!  It was sooo awesome to see him!  We weren't even that great of friends in school, but I really can't even explain how happy I was to see him!  He even teared up a little!  Seeing each other was probably just a sweet reminder of home. Anyway he says hi to all o' y'all!  We took Arleta and Stephaney and her date.  And I watched the slow-mo hand hold happen during the whole fireside!  They sat with their hands touching for the most of the fireside, then he finally got up the courage during the last 5 minutes to take her hand!  Oh young love:)   

I think that is about it!   We gave a card to a guy who said, and I quote "Wow I've been searching for God for a long time now.  You couldn't have come at a better moment".   SO COOL! 

love Hermana Bonny

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