Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Sunday, July 6, 2014

6/23/14 Week 15

Well this week was pretty darn eventful!  Get ready!   On Monday we got a call from our Zone Leaders, and we all have interviews with President Ames next week, but then they told us that after our interviews President said that he really wants to see the Martinez family! Ahh! So what does that mean for us?  … Yep I'm going to be teaching a lesson with PRESIDENT AMES!!!  AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  Nerviosa.....but also un poco excited!   Well actually a lot excited, because this family was supposed to be getting baptized this Saturday, but after a rather disappointing lesson with them, the dad told us that he feels like he got an answer to his prayers and that he feels like he needs to wait.  (Hand slap to the forehead)  That wasn't the "answer" we hoped he would get!   We can only teach him on the weekends when he's home, so he is way behind everyone else.  The rest of the family is so ready to get baptized but don't want to without him.  I think that President coming to visit them is maybe the miracle they need.   But I still am probably going to pee my skirt......

The Water close as I come to swimming
Also this week I had my first exchange with our sister training leaders where I was the one in charge.  This was also more than slightly nerve wracking!  It's like having a sleepover and then spending the whole day with your boss.  So I was in charge of planning out the whole day;  who to see, what to teach, backups, directions, phone numbers, commitments, dinner, everything!  I'm just a little greenie! I'm not used to that kind of responsibility! A few months ago I couldn't even remember to close my drawers and know I have to remember all that?!  Whoever says missionary work is easy is either a liar or hasn't been on one! But alas, I think I pulled it off:)  I only got lost twice...hehe

Then this Saturday we had our Casa Abierta (open house).  It was this huge activity that we've been planning for months now, where all the missionaries assigned to our ward invited our investigators to the church to play games and get to know the members. Then we split into 3 groups had a church tour.  We took them around to all the different classes and had speakers in each class explain what we do in ym/yw's, priesthood, relief society, and primary, and then we all met back in the chapel and the Bishop spoke about the sacrament.  HUGE SUCCESS!  No joke! I was kind of preparing myself for the worst, but we had at least 30 investigators there!  Work pays off:)

Although I am doing great, of course it's not perfect all of the time.  I go through so many ups and downs everyday it's crazy!  But my downs are usually based around the same basic things.  The first, and probably the most common, IM EXHAUSTED.   This is hard work!  Sometimes I would give anything in the world to just have 2 hours where I could just sit down on a couch and vegetate and watch a missionary chick flick.  The only time I'm free from stress is when I'm sleeping…and even then it always goes  way too fast.

The second,  to be honest is probably related to jealousy.  I didn't really imagine that on my mission this could be an issue.  But sometimes when I read the emails from my friends who are serving in all these exotic, faraway lands, and I just feel a little stuck in the bad part of town.   Also since there are four sets of missionaries in our ward, I have felt like there is a constant competition of who the members like best.  That game isn't really fun for newbies who can't speak the language.

Sister Black and I have been getting along better than ever! Not gonna lie, in the beginning we didn't click quite this well because she was a lot more shy and quiet, but now I think my weirdness has broken her out of her shell and we've been having so much fun together!

Yesterday, coolest story!  We had a lesson with our investigator Alba and her 3 girls, (they are kind of like Cinderella and the step's funny).  We started  teaching lesson 1, but then an awesome thing happened.  We got to the part about baptism and how all of your sins can be washed away and ALL 3 of them, before we even invited them, asked us if they could be baptized!   Whaaa! I almost didn't even know what to say! ....umm..OF COURSE!  And this gets even crazier because the mom has been investigating for like 4 years, and she finally said that she wants to find out for real this time if the church is true. So she's going to start attending Mutual and church with her daughters! I. love. my. mission. THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE! 
Love Hermana bunny (that's what everyone calls me here cuz they can't say bonny..haha)

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