Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7/28/14 Week 20

Im MMMEEELLLLTING!!!!! Seriously, its been above 100 EVERY day this week!! And guess what?  It's the end of the month so we have 0 miles left on our car ....yep I'm turning into a very fried oompaloompa. Normally I'd be totally down with walking so much, because its fun to talk to people, but nobody is outside!   Even in their houses they won't do anything because "its too stinking hot".   We were walking through this park the other day to get to one of our citas and we finally saw someone coming our way! Hooray! So I got my card ready and everything, and went up to her and said "hi how are…"   She doesn't even stop she just says "it hawt!" and kept walking.  Yep. That's how contacting goes in July from 12-5 in Texas.

Zone Conference - I'm the one slumped over on the right

Other than the heat it was actually a very splendid week.  We had Zone Conference which is always fun, and Pres Ames talked about using our "3 light sabers", which are family history, 21 tips for better grades (it's a service were doing), and these 5 minute lessons we've developed.
When he first started talking about family history I thought "ok..doodle time." But actually (and I can't believe I'm saying this) family history is soooo cool!  The next day we went to the center with one of our less-active sisters and I was looking at my family tree.  Who knew I was Danish?!  I didn't.  And I saw like a billion pictures of all these ancient people I'm related too!  It was pretty awesome! And Lourdes was able to find her grandpa and great grandpa which was a big deal.  Moral of the story: family history isn't just for old people:)
Honing my SKILZ at Zone Conference

Sis Black leaves to go home next week:(   She is pretty much the best comp ever!  But I also am excited to have a change.  We've been comps for almost 6 months. That's a looooong time! As much as I'm gonna miss her, I think that a change will be great!

Also last week on Monday we were able to rescue the other sisters! We were coming back from the stockyards for the millionth time, and we saw their car sitting on the railroads tracks with a bunch of police cars around it.  At first I thought "oh no! Sis Tate got hit by a train!", but then I saw her get out of the car.  Apparently this guy didn't see them and he rammed them onto the tracks, and now their car is totaled!  We rescued them and they needed to go shopping at this very Mexican grocery store.  It was fun, but this is the important part...we saw this less active family there who pretty much avoids missionaries at all costs.  But a few weeks ago the mom asked me to teach her daughter piano lessons.  However, after that we could never got a hold of them, but we were able to talk to them at the store and set up a time so I could teach her piano!  Fun!  So maybe the sisters needed to crash their car, so that we would save them and take them shopping, so that we could see the Bartos family, so that we can teach her piano, so that we can save their souls!!  God works in mysterious ways:)  The church is true!

love Hermana Bonny

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