Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Monday, August 11, 2014

8/4/14 Week 21

I have an announcement everybody! As of August 1st I am officially not biting my nails anymore!  So now y'all need to call me a lame sack if I get home and they still are all chewed up, ok?   So you might be wondering what inspired this change, well I shall tell you.

Julia, Maria and Ceria are 3 girls who are all 14, 15 yrs old and they are awesome! Juanita and Maria are especially interested in the church.  Ceria is apparently like a "model in training" or something, so we have been a little scared to teach the word of wisdom, because every time we go over they are always talking about how much she loves Starbucks and her tea. Gulp.  But also every time we go over they always tease me about how ugly my finger nails are!  One time Juanita even attacked me with this nasty garlic nail polish concoction and painted it all over my fingers.  Ya, it smelled awful!  So anyways we now have a deal-  I won't chew my fingers if they don't drink and coffee or tea:) and we are gonna check up on each other.  Haha - so far it has worked!  Who would've thought that all those years of chewing my fingers would lead to helping people keep the word of wisdom?!   I say this all the time, but God really works in mysterious ways.  Although I'm going craazzzy because I can't STAND having these long nails, their salvation is worth it right?? 

Now you know why I don't look overly excited to go out on my bike.

Also Thursday night was probably the closest I've been to watching a chick flick in a while..haha.  We took Arleta up to the Sosas (my favorite newlywed couple) and had dinner (mmm I've really missed spaghetti).  Then we had a lesson about eternal marriage and the temple.  They are so cute and in love!  Then we went to the Young Women's activity where they were making wedding jars.....sigh....and all the young women leaders are these cute newlyweds and so they were all talking about their husbands and being in love.   Man…why are they doing this to us!?  Too much romance all at once for us missionaries! I felt like I was drooling butterflies and hearts for the rest of the night!

In other news, my companion said "it smells like butt in here" for the first time:) and I am officially a piano teacher! yippee!


Oh love all y'all too:)
Love Hna bonny

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