Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Monday, August 25, 2014

8/25/14 Week 24

Busy, crazy, exhausting, awesome week!

Wow - what a freakin' week!  I feel like I just need to go sit and do nothing but stare at a wall for 24 hours, then I will feel like myself again! This training thing is EXHAUSTING!!   For all of you who are like "Wow that's awesome that you are training, you must be so great at speaking Spanish",  ya'll are wrong!!  I'm still trying to figure out what happened when President assigned ME to train...but hey, we are gonna make this work and baptize the world:)  

 Training itself is exhausting; calling everyone (which I already had a phobia of in English..) setting up all the citas, leading all the lessons, remembering everyone's names, problems, and schedules, and then throw in being asked to talk on Sunday!  I'm barely holding my brain in my head right now!! I legitimately feel like I've had to grow up 10 years all in 2 days. (Deep breath)  I will thank Heavenly Father for this opportunity one day. 

Introducing...Hermana Limon!
But on the plus side my new comp is super cool!  Her name is Hermana Limon.  She's from Colorado Springs and she speaks pretty awesome Spanish - which I am so grateful for.  But right now I still teach pretty much everything.  But hey guess what?... I hate blog bragging, but we made top 8 again in the mission!  And that's like a HUGE deal, since it was my first week organizing and teaching everything, so that definitely gives me hope.

Hermana Limon has only been a member for a little over a year.  Her conversion story is sooo cool! She was hard core Catholic then met the missionaries and all this other stuff that I don't know if she wants me to tell the world, but pretty much like the situation of half the people we teach.  So I'm pretty pumped to watch her testimony help our work!  And guess what?  It already is!  Our family (the Martinez) have the most solid baptism date that there has ever been!  I know I've said this before, but right now I have no doubt that they will get baptized on October 4th.   We took this family (Condes, love them!) who also used to be super Catholic to have a bbq with them, and afterwards our lesson just turned into this awesome testimony session.  I asked the dad if he still feels like baptism is just something in the future and he said "no un dia mas pronto" eeeeeeepppp!! (and this is after he said he prayed about it)  So we set the date for Oct 4th!  PRAY FOR THEM!

In other news I have officially lost 12 pounds since the MTC!  Woot woot!!  Of course, I did gain like 8 pounds on Nutella there...but still:)   All I do is eat fruits and veggies.  No joke - zucchini, yams, bananas, and blue berries are my favorite foods now.  Hna Black introduced me to some amazingly delicious health foods!  Haha - Grandma and I are going to get along so good when I get back!  Nutrition is fascinating to me.  

Fabain and Margarita. They are from Ecuador and feed us BASTANTE!!...but we love them:)
I don't have too much more time, because my dearly beloved daughter took 2 and half hours buying groceries...oh I remember the good ole greenie ya, pretty much I have no time.  But I love all of you! La iglesia es verdadera!:) 

Love Hermana bonny

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