Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

9/2/14 Week 25

Mission Control Center
Oh man what a week!  I know I probably say that every time, but with my trainee, craziness is just my life now!  This week pretty much all of our investigators decided to spontaneously leave to Mexico and Maryland for the that made things a little depressing when I would look at my schedule and literally see NO scheduled citas!  But we decided not to let it get the best of us, and that since we can't see our existing people, we really need to find some more!  So we spent much of this week doing some serious hardcore biking, melting, and finding of new investigators.   And guess what...with some pretty intense prayers, sunburns, and bike chain tattoos, we now have SEVEN new investigators and EIGHT return citas!:) YAHOOOOOO!!

This week was seriously one the biggest miracles of my life!  Just by fearlessly opening our mouths, talking with everyone, and bearing testimony, the spirit really does touch these people! 
Texas sunset out of our apartment window - no mountains but still gorgeous!
Example: There was a guy who was out working on his truck that we decided to go talk to.  At first he didn't even want to look at us, but then we asked (in Spanish) "Hey would you mind if we just showed you a few pictures of Jesus Christ?", and he said "ya fine".  So then we just started bearing testimony while showing him the images from the restoration pamphlet, and by the end he was nodding and talking with us.  Now tonight we get to go back and teach him and his whole family!  Its sooo cool to watch the spirit testify of truth to these people right before your eyes! Have I ever mentioned that I love being a missionary?

In other news...I'm now officially the ward organist.  Don't ask how that happened.  I'm really gonna have to brush up on my hymns...and organ skills that I've never had.   Wish me luck!

Also in other news I have surgery tomorrow! Yaaaayy:(  I'm just glad that this time there won't be anyone there to video me and put my embarrassment on YouTube (thanks Dad)!  Sierra after Dental Surgery  (you're welcome)

Well I believe that is all. Oh, Hna Limon is awesome! She literally has me laughing in tears! Haha but yes...she definitely still is a greenie.  Let's just say there have been a few awkward moments in our lessons, but her testimony is of steel!  So I'm not worried.

The church is true! Love y'all TONS!!

Love Hermanita Bonita!
How's my form Mom?

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