Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/23/14 Week 28

So we have a new neighbor, and he beats his dog.  We hear it through the vents and it makes it kind of hard to focus during studies, so I was just thinking about what I should do to help the poor thing.  But then I couldn't think of anything so I decided at least I could make it the title of my weekly email.  

So this week....I know I say this every week but ahhhhh!!!!  MARATHON WEEK for real! We didn't even teach that many lessons, but we had interviews with President, zone counsel, another meeting with President for all the trainers/trainees (awesome!!) the dentist, a fireside for our investigators, and a baptism for 3 primary kids that we ended up being in charge of.  Lots of stuff....but all good (except for the dentist)! 

I could go into detail about all of the meetings and such, but I think I might just tell y'all about all the wonderful people we are working with that the lord has prepared here in good ole Fort Worth. 

1. La familia M…..  You are all probably sick of hearing about them.  They are investigators that we have been teaching ever since I got here. LOVE THEM!  I call them my second family (like for reals they offered us a room in their small apartment).  They are sooooo close to baptism! The dad just need a little more work on the Word of Wisdom. 
2. La familia H…..: Another second family of ours! They are less active, but recently their daughter turned 9, so ding…Investigator!  They are super cool! The dad has a house full of ancient Aztec antiques that he loves showing us, and the mom makes cheeseburgers from heaven.  All they need is to come to church! 
3. Maria, Juanita y crecia: 3 teenage girls that asked us in our first lesson if they could get baptized! LOOOVE THEM!  Right now Maria is the only one who comes to church, but they will all get there soon:) She IS getting baptized in October!  Right now our obstacle is getting her to love Christ more than One Direction.. 
4. Monica: She is a cute Hispanic mom that is living here in Texas for 2 years so she and her kids can learn English. Her husband is a recent convert, so when she saw the missionaries at Wal-Mart, she flagged them down and said she used to cook for missionaries all the time in Mexico, and that they should come over.  Sad day for the Elders because she was in our area.  Hehe! And yes her food is DIVINE!  Any of you Spanish speakers fond of flautas?.... mmm.  But right now she is working to get baptized in October also. 
5. Dora: We found her when contacting.  We just gave her a card and made a return cita (which usually seem to fall through here), but the next week there she was with all her chairs set out ready to learn! Eeeep!  She's come to church a few times, but doesn't want to commit to baptism yet because she loves her catholic traditions...ya we get that a lot...but she's coming along! I know I say this with everyone but LOVE HER!  

So that is all of the people we are working with right now who are close to baptism.  And then there's a list that's way too long of the people who we meet with like once every 2 weeks when they actually are home for our citas.  And then also there are our less actives are also some of my favorite people ever.  Ahh!  I've just been in this area too  long! What am I gonna do at transfers!!??  
Any who-  love you all - the church is true! Just barley Hna Limon lost her wallet, and so we prayed and walked into the library and there is was. BAM miracle! Love it! I have the strongest testimony that they happen everyday:)

 love hna bonny

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