Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9/30/14 Week 29

This week, I have NO idea where all the time went, so this will be brief.  But basically Fort Worth is still the bomb!  I continue to love this area after 7 months...and another to go!  Next transfer will probably be the most bittersweet time of my life, or at least of my mission!  After serving the same people in the same area for half of your mission you get pretty attached.   At the same time I'm kind of getting excited for something new (it might just be my millions of mosquito bites though).

We decided that instead of trying to juggle a million investigators that may or may not ever be truly interested, we are going to start "weeding".  In other words, we are going to politely move on from of all the people who sit there and say "si" the whole time but never do anything.   And we are especially focusing on 1 thing: GET MARIA BAPTIZED!  She is sooo ready!   She texted us last night and asked which parts of the Book of Mormon she should read.  We didn't give her enough homework! Haha!  Also she asked us to pray super hard with her that her mom will sign her baptismal consent, because she can't wait to get baptized! eeeeep!!  I'll admit sometimes on a mission you wonder if you are even doing any good, but then you have people like her that just make it all worth it!  If Maria were the only person I helped convert my whole mission, I would be content, because I can already see how much this gospel has changed her life for the better!

I can't WAIT for general conference, and this time not just because of mom's cinnamon rolls.....although that does sound rather tempting.  Its the coolest thing to watch that stuff as a missionary because you aren't just listening for yourself at all!  It's like "wo that message will be perfect for so and so!" or "I have to make sure so and so hears this part".

Scrumptious and hearty mission breakfast
Neat story:   I was on an exchange with my Sister Training Leader (she didn't speak any Spanish...I felt kind of bad for her).  We had a lunch appt with Hna Hernandez, but when we got there her car wasn't there, so we called her and she told us that she had to go up to her sister's house.  She said that her sister-in-law who lives next store is going through a bit of a hard time and could maybe use a visit.  So we thought "what the heck, why not?"  We went and knocked on her door.  It turns out her husband is a less active member, but she used to go to church with him all the time and she really liked it!  Golden! Cha-ching!;)  But anyways, on to the cool stuff (this is all just background). 
She went on to tell us that sadly, her father was very sick and about to pass away .  So she asked if we could offer a prayer and ask that he could pass soon and be free of his pain.  So of course we agreed.  Since my comp that day spoke very little Spanish, I said the prayer and just asked that he could free of pain and pass soon, and that Ana could have peace.  Then we shared a scripture and left.  The next day she seemed super happy to see us, and she told us that 2 hours after we left her brother called her and told her that her dad had passed away at 1:30. That is right when left her house!   In our minds that is pretty strong evidence of an answered prayer!  Cuz I don't believe in coincidences! :)

love yall! 

love hna bonny

*These next pics are a little out of order but they are from last month when I had my Trainer training and I met my new greenie companion (or "daughter", as they say in the mission).
Who said that only trouble makers sit on the back row?
Welcome to your new area Hermana Limon!  THE FIELD IS WHITE...

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