Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10/6/14 Week 30

Well this week was pretty fantabulous as usual! Especially con la Conferencia General! yipeeeeee!!:):) LOVE LOVE LOVED Conference!   There is literally nothing better for us missionaries then to hear las palabras de nuestras profetas for a whole 2 days!!  I would say two of the themes were building stronger families and following the prophet.  I've got a ton of notes that I'm excited to start deciphering! My favorite talk was probably Elder Bednar's because we were sitting next to Maria, who is getting baptized in 2 weeks!  It was perfect for her!  When he started out with "I'm going to speak to those people who aren't members", my heart literally jumped into my throat, and you know I'm not emotional!  But it had been so stressful trying to get Maria up to the church and a lot of other stuff was going on, so I was sitting there praying hard that someone would say something that would relate or stick with her.  Woot woot for Elder Bednar!

Tres Leches Heaven
We quickly found out that after conference is the perfect time for visiting members - animados para la obra misional! Last night we stopped by a family who was in the middle of their post-conference fiesta and we were shocked by how excited they all were to see us!  They sat us down, fed us pieces of tres leches dessert bigger than our heads, offered exchanges, agreed to invite all these people over to have family nights with them, and gave us 2 referals.  We extend a huge "Gracias" to all the GA's!

Totally awkward mission story #2  - Well we were visiting this less active sister and had we just finished a super awesome chastity lesson (always fun).   We were just about to leave when her mom got home and was like "Oh yay the hermanas are here! I have a present for you!"  (gulp) Then she goes and grabs these 2, umm, super flattering latina dresses. I had to check and make sure I hadn't just been teleported to Mexico in the 80's!  She said that she's a little gordita and she can't fit into them so she wants us to have them.  Then she tells us to go and try them on in her room, and unfortunately for us she's the type of lady you can't really say "no" to.  We just thought, ok fine we will just go try them on super fast then split.  So there we are changing in her room when all of a sudden the door starts opening!! Ahhh!  So I hurry and dive behind the bed and Hna Limon rushes to try and pull her dress up right before the lady's HUSBAND walks in the room!! Ahhh awkward!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He just looks at Hna Limon, then at my little lead peeking out from behind the bed, closes his eyes and runs out! Then, just when we think we are safe, she barges in to show us how to lock the door (or at least I think that's where she was going with it..), but when she noticed us standing there in our strange white spandex, she bolted as well!  Do you feel awkward yet just reading about this?? 

 In other news, we just about got swept away to Oz!  We had the storm of all storms here in Texas.  Fort Worth and Dallas are a mess. Half of the city lost electricity for 4 days, including stoplights!  Luckily, I live the south side which wasn’t quite as bad, but I was still literally scared for my life for about 15 minutes.  We had to eat dinner with nothing but 2 little lanterns at the Bishops house, something I won't soon forget! 
Remember the Fort Worth Stockyards?  This was the scene!
Hail from nearby- its the one on top for those who aren't chicken farmers or chefs
After losing around 20 pounds since I got to Texas my weight seems to have leveled off.  In fact, we had so many goodies over Conference weekend that I've actually gained 3 back.  Tres leches cake was worth it!

Basically I just love our investigator Maria sooo much!!  She is getting baptized in 2 weeks and it has literally been the most incredible process to watch her change and understand things for herself.  I know I'm the one that is here to help her, but watching her slowly but surely go through her own conversion has helped my testimony grow so much!  I can't imagine these changes if these things weren't true - Bottom line.  I get to watch the spirit work in people every day. It's amazing and I love it here!  La iglesia is tan verdadera!  Don't any of you ever take your testimonies for granted ok??  SHARE IT!! 

Hermana Conejo 

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