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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/14/14 Week 31

Mi Familia

Wow I swear I say this every week, but this week was CRAAZY!!! I thought I was used to the whole waking up at 6am thing...but for some reason this week every time the alarm went off I felt like my head had just hit the pillow.  Spreading the gospel is hard work!

This week we've really been focusing in on Maria.  Can I just start out by saying that she really is the biggest miracle and most rewarding experience I've had so far on my mission?  Seriously I can't even tell ya'll how much I love this girl! Hermana Black and I met her around the third week I was here, after relentlessly knocking on her door day after day, for some reason that neither of us could explain.  Normally we don't spend that much time knocking doors of old investigators, but we just always felt like we should try! Then one day FINALLY her mom let us in to teach them! At first we taught her mom and her other sister, and Maria was kind of in and out.

She told us yesterday that she thought I was super weird at first....haha. but then after we kept coming over she started warming up to us.  She really liked the idea of baptism, just because we explained how "its a way to be clean of all our sins!".  She thought that sounded great but the idea of a Heavenly Father that loves her still just wasn't a very real thing for her.   But we kept coming and teaching her, and very slowly but surely the lights started coming on, and these past few months I've literally watched the spirit convert her right before my eyes!  It's amazing! As a missionary there isn't anything more joyous to hear than -  "After I read the Book of Mormon, I just felt so good! I know I'm ready to be baptized!"  ...ya was VERY hard to not start jumping for joy around her garage! She does know its true.  But now with her baptism so close dumb Satan is seriously throwing everything at us and her that he can! Sigh......maybe that's why I've been so tired this week, battling with the adversary for the salvation of souls! It sounds so intense when you put it like that:)

Zone Conference or high school?  We all went to SHHS:)

On Thursday we had a huge zone conference and we all watched "Meet the Mormons" LOVED IT!!  All of you non-missionaries, GO SEE IT! It's amazing! And then when you listen to the song at the end think of me:)   As a missionary we are hardly ever able to "discover the song before its cool".  We just don't have time (or access to music) for that. But THAT SONG has literally been my mission theme song! Yippee!

Love ya'll soo much! Pray for Maria!!:)

Hermana Bonny

Coming and going last month with Hna's Limon and Black

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