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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9/16/14 Week 27

This was a pretty fantastic week!  As of 8am yesterday we had SEVEN baptism dates!   But then the obispo decided to rain on our parade and said that nobody is allowed to get baptized on the 4th or 11th of this week we have a lot of date re-setting to do.

Here are a few highlights of this week -  Our ward had a HUGE fiesta for "Dia de Independencia"  where it's basically just a huge party for all of the 4th of Julys for every Hispanic country all smashed into one!  Sooo fun! Our ward (even though the majority definitely hails from Mexico) does have some very awesome families from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and other places that I can't remember.  And they all cook bomb food.  To represent America somebody went and bought fried chicken and just threw it in there with all the fancy rice and saucy meats...I thought it was funny. Oh how I love Tex-mex:)  

We got our dear Maria to come to church finally. Yay!! She's 15 and we've been teaching her for FOOOREEEEVVVER but she always has a reason why she can't come to church.  So we took matters into our own hands.  Saturday morning we went to this Stake clothing swap with her and her sister so they could pick out skirts.  We got them both super cute outfits that they were excited to wear the next day, which they did:)  Sometimes a cute skirt is all it takes to get someone onto the right path (hopefully a girl)!

love yall!! 

love hna bonny

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