Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7/22/14 Week 19

This week was a very average week in the life of Hermana Bonny, but we did teach some pretty awesome lessons.  We have a SUPER solid baptism date (knock on wood) for august 16th! Her name is Jenny and she's only 10.  Her family has been inactive forever, but all of a sudden they showed up at church and said, "Gods been good to us I think it's times we come back".  And they would like their two kids to have the chance to be baptized!  They are awesome...except I'm pretty sure the missionaries before us were trying to buy their love, because every time we come over the first thing the kids ask is "where's our candy??"   I give them a mint or a pencil and they are usually happy:) .

We now have 4 young women investigators that we are working with.  Love it!  The Martinez family went and saw a baptism with us on Saturday and they had to baptize the kid 4 times because he was scared.  Then afterwards the dad kept making jokes about how he's is going to be just like that WHEN he gets baptized:)  "When"…yay! Their new and hopefully final date is for august 16th.  Pray that Jose is ready!

Why is everyone pointing at me???

Also, I was eating dinner with my favorite family (the Condes) and I saw a picture on their wall that looked familiar.  Afterwards I recognized it.   It was the nativity scene that my neighbor Bro McNaughton painted!  So I was able to show everyone my neighbors and my family's home teacher, who are the subjects in the painting! It was so cool!

Who wants to hear an awkward law of chastity lesson story?  Ok, so we were teaching the 10 commandments with the little hand signs to Arleta, her boyfriend, Stef and all of their little cousins.  It was going great until we got to #7 which is don't commit adultery.  Hma Black just tried to skim over that one, but then of course one of the little kids asked "What does adultery mean?"  Umm, how are we supposed to explain this to a bunch of 6 year olds without them going home to their mom and saying "Guess what the missionaries taught us today!"  So Hna black just explained it like "When there's a bunch of people at a party, always stay with your friends.  Don't ever leave and "do bad stuff" with other people".  It made sense to me, but of course all the little kids asked "do what stuff?"  Then Arleta chimed in and we were hoping we were saved, but then she says "so it's like if a boy invites just you to go with him to do something dangerous like bungee jumping, its better just to stay with your friends"   Uh......... then all of the kids "Oooh ok that makes sense" (hand slap to the forehead).  Then we had to spend like 15 minutes trying to explain that it's not against the 10 commandments to go bungee jumping with strangers.  I still don't think they get it.

Anyhow that's my not-too-spiritual story for the week! The church is true!!

Love hna bonny

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