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Monday, July 6, 2015

7/7/15 Week 68

I'll bet you've never seen a Book of Mormon bigger than you!  Muahaha!   And now all of you are super curious as to if or where I saw a Book of Mormon bigger than me...hehehe!  You'll have to just keep reading to find out, but for now I'll tell you about the super stellar week we had.  Haha - actually we taught practically no one this week...being an STL has perks and also its blah parts...I feel like I say this every week, but man SOOO MANY MEETINGS! It's a good thing, but at the same time I kind of miss having those days where you are just out in the heat sweating and teaching people all day. I haven't had that in so long! I guess now it's my turn to help build the mission up in a different way.  But hey, if it's what God wants, it's cool with me:)

Quality time on exchange with Sis Wells
So on Wednesday I went on an 
exchange with Sister Wells, and we had the coolest experience!  The day before we had our zone conference where we talked about how we literally are accountable for everyone's salvation.  Ahhh! No pressure right?? So like when we see a lady getting out of her car and we choose not to talk to her, we are personally responsible for that.  Not gonna lie, that thought kind of puts a pretty big weight on your shoulders....I wasn't feeling too bad until we drove past a big construction site and I saw all the dozens of sweaty workers (those are the people I'm accountable to as well.) Wow. If they never find the gospel, it could be MY fault!  

So long story short, Sister Wells and I decided that on our morning run we were going to load up on pass-a-long cards and talk to every single person we saw. We honestly didn't even know if we would see anyone, cuz it is 6am, but we were gonna run till we found someone!  Soooo cool! We ended up giving out 7 cards and even teaching a lesson!  We found Terry that had been living in Utah and has read the whole Book of Mormon and wants to come to church.  Talk about THE BEST start to your day! Even though the majority of the people just kinda looked at us like we were weirdoes (nothing new there), I hope at least one of them will one day remember the day they were semi attacked by 2 super sweaty Mormon missionaries and think "wow they really care about what they believe...I want to know why."

Other than that, we had a super-duper splendid 4th of July! Our genius zone leaders (this is the part where you figure out my opening sentence) decided that since no one ever has citas on holidays, we would do a zone contacting activity.  So we all showed up at the Flower Mound festivities, and they pull out this ginormous Book of Mormon and Bible and tell us that they are going to wear them, and we are going to pass out cards and as many book of Mormons as we can!  Got to give them points for creativity!  I personally thought it might have just reinforced the whole "cult" idea with some people....but hey you never know! I think some people definitely gave us points for dedication :)  Then later that night we were asked by a member in the 2nd Ward who was in charge to come help out directing traffic and be "gate-keepers" at the same festival....#awkward  #heywerentyouthoseweirdosinthebigbookearlier?  #noidkwhatyouaretalklingabout...  

Lessons learned from this week:  No matter how stupid you look, your dedication and diligence goes a long way for some people. If you're excited about it, even if they aren't interested at first, they will at least wonder why.  Sometimes that's all we need :)  This church is sooo true! As they say …If it wasn't us missionaries would have ruined it a long time ago...haha!  Hope yogur week es lleno de milagros! Les quiero mucho!

<3hermana bonny     

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