Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Sunday, December 14, 2014

12/12/14 Week 39

Eloytha got baptized :)  :)  :)
So this week was pretty freakin awesome, because guess what?  One of Heavenly Father's children entered the kingdom of god!  Wahoo! Nothing makes a better week for a missionary :) Her name is Eloytha and she technically wasn't our baptism, but Hermanas Lund and Gwynn found her right before I got here, and since she was English speaking they had to have the Elders come teach her (oh the life of a state side espanol missionary..).  But we still spent a lot of time with her, and we love love LOVE  her.  So that was extremely exciting!
Other than that, we are making pretty awesome use of our trio and going "Christmas carol contacting".  It's similar to the Living Christmas Card idea I explained last week.  We basically just go sing to homes were we know the Latinos live, and tell them that we have a message that can help them feel the Spirit of Christmas always :) So far it hasn't failed us. We are getting some awesome new familias!

Nora and William are still on for their bautismos! Wahoooo! Nora is getting baptized next week.   She is so ready.  But as I have learned through experience, this is the time when Satan likes to any prayers for her would be very ,very helpful.
This week I think I've eaten more tres leches cake then I will the rest of my entire life!! If you don't know what that is, I recommend you stay away from it because you will get addicted.   But I am going to make it for my family when I get home so some of you won't have a choice :)   Also, it was the birthday of the beautiful Hna Lund, and these members here in Arlington are too awesome! We were treated to a Mongolian buffet!  Again, if you're not familiar with that, don't start now...Sooo good!

I think I'm going to sign off and take a nap now....we got up to go to the temple before 5 this morning...yaaaawwn! It was so worth it but now it's hitting me hard!

Heaven on Earth!
love yall!:)

the church is true!!

love hermana bonny

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