Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/21/14 Week 41

THIS WEEK WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!  I know say that every week....but seriously...Nora got baptized!! We have seen some pretty amazing miracles through this whole process, so I'm gonna tell you about them...:)

Doesn't Nora look beautiful in white?!

Firstly, Nora's whole family are Jehovah Witnesses, so it's pretty much just a miracle in the first place that she even wanted to meet with us.  BUT the reason why she decided to was because of her neighbors, the Campos.  She saw how happy they are and wanted that for her own family.  Right there is a perfect real life example of why we need to be examples to our neighbors! You never know when and who is watching you! Anyways, Nora basically just decided that she wanted what the Campos have, and if that path was wrong, God would tell her.  But until then, she was just going to keep going with the lessons :) SO MUCH FAITH!  So we kept teaching her, and literally with  every lesson I just couldn't believe how open and accepting she was of everything.  It's common for Mexicans to tell us they believe everything we are telling them, but Nora actually had this amazing desire to understand everything and just soak it all in.  It is SOO fun to teach someone like that!

But the biggest miracle happened during the baptism.  She has this 2 year old son, who is VERY  attached to her! Literally every time we would come over he would not just cry, but SCREAM!  It was crazy.  So you can guess that we were extremely nervous that he was going to do the same thing during her baptism and ruin the whole thing for her and everyone else's ear drums...but guess what?  Ahhh! After much prayer and fasting, Leo fell asleep right as the service started!  Then, and here's the part that gave me the goose bumps (the good kind:), when he woke up and saw that his mom wasn't there, he just sat there quietly and looked around not saying making a sound.  If that wasn't a tender mercy of the Lord… :)
Farewell to the Fearsome Threesome - Hna Lund (and her tongue) transferred out  :(

Her and conversion and baptism was definitely a highlight of my mission.   Other highlights this week involved spreading lots of Christmas/gospel cheer! (even though they're basically just the same thing)


<3 hermana bonny  alma ch chapter in the book of mormon:)

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