Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/28/14 Week 42

Why can't Christmas happen twice a year?
So guess what I got for Christmas this year??.... The stomach flu!!!  Pretty much my already explosive insides plus 3 Mexican Christmas eve dinners = a very uncomfortable (for lack of a better word) Hermana Bonny. Ok it really wasn't that horrible, Christmas Eve actually was AWESOME despite the pain! First of all, we had an AMAZING (I'm probably going to use a lot of those types of all caps adjectives in this email) devotional with President and half of the mission! And we ate a good ole' Texas BBQ and then watched the Christmas Carol.   Afterwards we sang songs and listened to President and Sister Ames give AMAZING Christmas themed talks.  The spirit was so strong! Then they gave us all these letters from our bishops and parents with their testimonies and everyone cried.   It was great :)
Some very jolly Hermanas

Pres and Sis Ames walk on water!
Then the families started feeding us...first we ate a big bowl of pusoli with the Diaz, then to the Aguilars, our favorite less active family, where we baked jelly filled peanut butter cookies! Oh I love them! Then right when we were about to leave their mom got home and insisted we eat her spicy Mexican sausage! ahh! THEN, onward to the Garcia's, where we were served a full plate of bbq ribs, potatoes and Olive Garden!!  I never thought that the sight of Olive Garden breadsticks would ever make me want to puke, but it's completely possible…when your estomago es tan lleno! That dinner was actually my favorite, because the reason they invited us was because their whole family who aren't members were there! So we got to chat and now they agreed to meet with missionaries in Grand Prairie! Woot woot!:) Christmas miracle :) Then Christmas Day of course was great talking to the fam and all:) Everyone just sounds like they are going through puberty! Haha!
The Garcias SPOILED US!

Tis the eat junkfood
Basically Christmas is the BEST time to really just feel the spirit of Christ.  I think that is why missionaries love Christmas so much, because really the spirit is so strong! I have such a strong testimony of my Savior.  Through this time, I've really been pondering more about him, and now I really can say for surety that I know how much he loves me.  I can feel it so strong every time I bear testimony of him.  :)   He lives and he love us!
Love Hermana bonny

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