Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1/13/15 Week 44

AHHHH!!   CRAZINESS!!! Are you ready for this??  Craziest week of my life!! Ok so Tuesday afternoon Hna Mango and I were just out doing a normal missionary day, when we got a call from the AP's (assistants to president) never a good sign...and they tell us that we are being emergency transferred because another sister had to be sent home for surgery.   Hna Mango is going to Fort Worth and I am going to be staying here, but will be in a trio with Hna Beckstead, and none other than Hna Limón, who I trained just a few months ago.  So we had to pack up our whole apartment (because they are basically closing my area) and be at the mission office the next morning at 8!

But guess what? There's more! it just so happens that this is the same week that the sisters were switching apartments and areas with the zone leaders, so not only did I just get switched into a trio with a companion I just had, but I got switched into a white wash! We have a whole new area that none of us knows anything about.  So I now have all my old investigators plus all the new ones that I have yet to meet.  But I'm super excited about it!
And then that same day that we were moving everything in, one of our new investigators (we've never met her) calls us and tells us that she fell and broke her hand and needs a ride to the hospital!  So we called everyone and finally found her a ride. We spent like 5 hours with her at the hospital! (Oh her bones were pretty much sticking out of her skin! And it was kinda cool looking...)

We toured the Taj Mahal of football stadiums, Cowboys Stadium, literally a few minutes from our apartment.  Many consider this "Holy Ground"
It's one of those weeks where just too much has happened so I feel like I can't start because otherwise this email would seriously be like 10 pages long if I told all the details of the emotional roller-coaster that happened this week!

So I'm just going to end it with my testimony that I know this is the one true church of God on the earth!! I know it with all of my heart! I know that He knows me personally and that everything that happens in this life is just to strengthen us.  He knows the person we are capable of becoming  :) When hard times come your way, just look at it as a time to prove yourself. He will be there every step of the way.  I know that is true! I love you guys!

<3 Hermana bonny

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