Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2/10/15 Week 48

Transfers otra vez!  Leaving Arlington was a lot harder then I thought it would be. That place is so awesome! But I definitely can't complain here in Lewisville :) I'll get the basics out of the way then I'll get to the exciting stuff. 

So my comp se llama Hermana Millet.  She's super cool.  She's from Arizona, danced ballet and majored in music, and loves to eat frozen yogurt almost as much as me :) I think we will get along great! She just finished being trained and she is so cute and awesome!  Seriously, she will do whatever the Lord asks.  What more could you want in a comp?   But I have missed my old comps these last few days. 
In our area right now we have 3 people with a baptismal date, two of which we set in the past 2 days!  WOOT WOOT!  (I do that a lot in these emails I'm realizing..)   And we have like 10 other investigators, 7 less actives, and 1 recent convert who is basically already my favorite person EVER.  He just got baptized a month ago, and not only is he the most sarcastic and spastic Mexican I've ever met, but his testimony seriously glows!  Love it! Anywho, so  lots of awesome work.
Arlington Zone Conference before the transfer

If you think a mission is all serious business, think again!!
As far as the ward goes, it seems super awesome!  But it's really weird because we are the only missionaries from the Fort Worth Mission in our ward.  There are 6 other missionaries from the Dallas Mission that share the ward with us (technically the ward is IN the Dallas Mission). Ya, super weird...but they all know Aubrey!   The problem is that all except like five families live within the Dallas mission, which means we can't visit them :( They are really nice to see at church but other than that, getting members involved with our investigators is apparently quite difficult here.  But we've got lots of non-hispanics that want to help us and we are gonna try some different things to get help from the Dallas group.  I'm up for a challenge!

 The more exciting stuff:

#1  So of course for my first week in a new area guess what happens?...yep I got sick hard core! I have no idea what I had but Friday and Saturday it was hard to even lift up my arm.  Being sick as a missionary really is the worst because there is always SO MUCH TO DO.  We just don't have time for that.  And this being a new area I really wanted to make a good first impression. It was probably stupid but I tried to work on Friday anyways.  Then Saturday I just was beat. Long story short, I was not looking forward to going to my first Sunday in my new ward as a boogery mess, not to mention we were singing with the YW in sacrament meeting.  So I prayed and just asked Heavenly Father to please give me the energy and strength I needed.   I woke up Sunday morning and felt 100% perfect!   It was nothing short of an answered prayer, small miracle and a tender mercy!:)
#2  We went to one of our first lessons together and our investigator Felicia just flat out tells us "Hey my son is 8, can he get baptized in your church?".  Felicia is what we call a "dry Mormon".  She comes to church every week but can't get baptized because she's not married.   But her son is baptism age, so we are super stoked to teach him and the whole family the lessons! Hopefully that will give Felicia and her boyfriend another reason to get married!
The bottom line is that I'm super stoked to be here in this area and I know we are going to continue to see miracles.  I can't wait!  I feel like there's so much more stuff to tell...but now my email is so long that we will just leave it at that.
Mission life is the bomb! ...even if my bike seat did get robbed, but that's also another story….well really that's the whole story.  Just the seat is gone...not quite sure what to do about that.  Anywho, love you all!

<3hermana bonny

These beans are cold!  ...and I didn't get the thumbs up memo

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