Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2/16/15 Week 49

Most people think that Valentine's Day is probably pretty boring when you are a missionary.  That's totally what I thought too, because lets be real, it's already the most over-rated holiday anyways...but hey! This was actually one of, if not my best best Valentines Days ever! Let me tell ya'll why... (isn't my Texan coming along great?;)

On Valentine's Day I was actually on an exchange with my STL Sister Vaha'i who is from Tonga and is sooo cool.  She converts the world and still barley knows English!   Ya she inspires me! We were on an exchange and the GPS broke (dun dun dun), every missionary's worst nightmare! So basically we ended up in this little trailer park contacting and handing out Book of Mormons...Books of Mormon...Books of Mormons...who knows.  Ok PAUSE the story for a sec - I have to tell you about our freakin awesome Book of Mormon challenge first.  Our zone leaders have all been texting and asking us to count up the book of Mormons that we have just sitting in our apartments.  Then they put all the numbers together for the whole mission and we figured out that we have....drum roll........ nearly 10,000!!!  TEN THOUSAND! One more time - TeN tHoUsAnD Book of Mormons just sitting in the apartments of all the Texas Fort Worth missionaries! So...since President Ames is the bomb he issued a challenge that we are going to give away ALL of them in 65 days! Why 65 days one might ask? See if you can figure it out and I'll tell you next week :) haha!  So we are "placing" them, not just throwing them at whomever we see in the street before April 18th!  That's 130 per companionship! So stoked!!  Also we are reading it in 65 days as well.  That's 8 pages a day for whoever wants to join us! :)

So the aliens can't read our minds...  (Did anyone see the movie Signs?)
Look at how long my locks are getting!
Ok back to the story...phew that was exciting! Anyways, 
so there we were scouting out the trailer park for the Lord's elect when we saw this one girl taking a nice 4 o'clock walk with her music (a possible sign of someone in emotional stress), so we went up and started talking to her, and she told us that she was actually going through some stuff right now and wanting to go back to church! So then we brought up the Book of Mormon and I felt like I should read a part to her.  I had no idea what to read or why I felt that, but it was SO COOL, the book literally fell open to Mosiah 28 (I think...see I don't even remember so it was obviously the spirit).  It talks about how the Lord supports you in your trials. I finished reading the few verses and I looked up and there were tears pouring out of her eyes! All she said was "wow I really wasn't expecting this on my walk".  The spirit was so strong and we bore testimony about the power of the Book of Mormon and our message! She said she couldn't wait to read the book! :)   Then later that day we got an awesome new investigator, and ate heart shaped pancakes for dinner.   It was a solid day.   Who needs all that romantic stuff when you have the gospel of Jesus Christ!? Haha

Authentic Hispanic birthday party...LOOK OUT,  incoming piñata!
As far as the work goes, we have FIVE people with a baptismal date right now!  Wooo!! 3 of them are a lot more solid that the other 2.  They all have such great desires, it's just getting them to act that is the hard part…but please keep Jerry, Tim, Ivan, Sergio, and Alex in your prayers!!  They are sooo awesome! This church is sooo true!  The Book of Mormon really has been a key to our work.   If any of you want a better testimony of the book of Mormon, I invite you to suit up (not literally) and be like a Texas Fort Worth Missionary for these next few weeks and give out a Book of Mormon before April 18th…and READ IT!  :)  We are already seeing so many blessing.  Ya'll are awesome!  Have a fantastic week!

<3hermana Bonny

We are actually wearing pieces of the piñata on our heads

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