Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/24/15 Week 50

So we woke up this morning and went outside to walk to the gym and there was a really weird sound.  I can't really type it out, but it was like "sshckkkk", just make that sound with your mouth and I think it should do the trick! Anyways so we walked out and it was ICING, not snowing, or sleeting or raining or any other normal liquid that falls from the sky, but pure ice!! Apparently it's a thing here.  All the streets are COVERED in black ice, and so until further notice our cars, our bikes and even our legs are grounded :( :(   INTENSE!  So ya, we will see how this week goes, but it's actually pretty frustrating because right now we really don't have time for this. Tim's baptism date is for March 8th and Jerry's is for the 13th!  And we still have to teach them both so much! Ahhhhhhh! Ya....I'm a little stressed...but (deep breath) I know God wants it to happen and he's not going to ask anything of us that we can't complete (see 1 Nephi 3:7)

IcE StOrM!          "V" for very frio!

As far as this week goes, all in all it was  pretty fabulous!  I honestly don't remember specifically why...but I'm just going to report my favorite parts  :)

We have this investigator named Bianca and she's been taking missionary lessons for FOREVER but has never agreed to a baptism date (as far as we know). Usually when we go over there her kids are crazy, and she's running around, then she feeds us something deep fried and we share a scripture, then set another time when we can come back and cross our fingers that it will go better. But this time we decided to bring a recent convert Hna Pierson to our lesson.  I love member present lessons!!  It was seriously the coolest thing EVER!  It's interesting how sometimes I don't even realize when I'm receiving revelation until after the fact.  Honestly, when we decided to bring Hna Pierson it was kind of a spontaneous last minute decision, but man, now I know it was from God!!

Meet Roman, a recent convert. He's sooo awesome!
Bianca hasn't gotten baptized because her husband isn't supportive of it, but Hna Pierson came in and she bore the STRONGEST testimony EVER about how she knew it was true, and her husband told her that he was going to divorce her if she got baptized.  She decided to do it anyways. Then she prayed with faith that the Lord would soften his heart.  A week later he came and told her that he loves her no matter what :)  He was actually the person that drove her to the exchange.  It was exactly what Bianca needed to hear!  The Lord doesn't only ask us to do easy things, if that were the case there would be no point to life!  We then set a baptism date with her for the 22nd of March!  She's still got a long way to go, but we are all praying sooo hard that God will soften her husband's heart.  I know we are witnessing a miracle.
This is what happens when you transfer into a ward just before Valentines Day.
Love you all! GO LOOK UP THESE SCRIPTURES: Mormon 9:13-19 (I think that's the reference...if its talking about miracles then you have got the right one - love it:)


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