Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3/16/15 Week 53

Its a bird!  Its a plane!  No, its...Superhermana!  Thanks for holding my cape Jerry (isn't he cute)
Does anybody else ever get bored of writing these?? Actually no, I love them I just feel like they are becoming slightly redundant....oh well. Ok, so this week we had LOTS of meetings!  How exciting right?   I actually feel weird now because as missionary meetings are basically like the best things ever!  And it's even weirder because here I have 2 different districts! I'm kind of a part of the Dallas and Fort Worth Missions (Fort Worth is offense Aubrey ;) haha) Anyways, so we had district meeting, zone council, choir practice, AND a super awesome exchange with my sister training leader! Good times...

The last frozen yogurt with H. Millet.  Why must awesome things end? :(
Umm, what else...oh ya! Transfers otra vez!! And sad news :'( :'(:'(:'(:'(:'( Hermana Millet is leaving me.  Ya it's a pretty depressing day. But we did have a good cry over some fro-yo so that made it a little better :) As far as the work, since we've had tons of meetings it's been a little harder getting to see all of the people that we need to, but Ivan is still doing awesome, and Blanca, Fabiola, Jerry, and Jeffery all came to church!!  wooooooo hooooooo!!  Nothing makes for a better Sunday :) Not even your massive chocolate chip cookie Mom ;)  Haha, so ya pretty much Lewisville is BY FAR my favorite area so far!  Everyone here that we teach and all the members are just so awesome!

Highlights of the week -

 1. We helped our investigator Sonya (she moved here from Honduras a year ago) make 70 pastelitas (little deep fried sausagy things).  She was frying onions in her teeeeny kitchen and we both literally had tears streaming down our faces.  I think my eyes are still swollen!

  2. We invited the Elder's quorum president to come teach with us and he brought an entire member family!  We had no idea!  People were really shocked when they opened the door at 8pm to a herd of church members! Their faces were pretty funny...and no one let us in to teach...awkward...

 3. After 3 years of investigating the church Fabiola is FINALLY starting her marriage papers! She is going to get baptized!  Everyone pray and cross your fingers.  Or just pray...:)

 4. We helped this loca grandma move all of her Chinese antiques for 3 hours on Wednesday...a very tiring but interesting experience.


Ok pretty much this week was really fantastic, and right now my zone is having a waffle party and I reeaaally want to go so sorry this is so short! But I love you all! I love life! 

<3hermana bonny

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