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Sunday, March 15, 2015

3/12/15 Week 52

Pres and Sis Ames teaching us the ropes
Well this week was pretty fantastic! (bet ya'll weren't expecting that!) Haha - its one of those times where this whole week I've been thinking "man this is a great week!" but then I sit down to write this email and I can't really think of any specifics why...I think it was just one full of a bunch of those mini miracles :)

So this week we were at Jerry's house literally EVERYDAY preparing that kid for his baptism that was supposed to be this Friday...but the Bishop and our Ward Mission Leader talked to his mom and we all decided that a bit more time would be good for him. But man have we had some good laughs teaching that little gordito!! Haha! He seriously looks exactly like a young Nacho Libre!   Hna millet and I are starting to make a Jerry quote book - here's a sneak peak at what's in there... we were trying to review what the Word of Wisdom was and Jerry kept calling it "the word of the wizard", then when we asked him to draw some healthy foods for us he drew meatballs  :) Oh Jerry...we love him!
Other than that we've been giving out Libros de Mormon like crazy!! Have I told ya'll that we are giving out 10,000 by April 18th?  Ya it's for reals happening!  I freaking LOVE that book!  And I've officially decided to name my first child Ammon no matter what it is!  He is my hero!:)  Umm what else...oh we got like 3 inches of snow!  whaaa?? Then it was like 70 the next day..So there were a lot of sad zombie-looking snowmen around!  

As far as our people...Tim is officially getting baptized into the YSA ward! Yay/aww it's always super hard to pass off your favorite investigator.  Because of all the dumb snow we haven't been able to see Ivan in like forever.  So we have LOTS to teach him to get him ready for his baptism! Pray for him por favor!

Oh ya and I had a birthday:) I tried to have a nice reflective moment of "where I was a year ago"… but then I remembered I was in Mexican jail and I stopped reflecting.

Completed 1 YEAR on March 6!    ( Not sure why candle is #2..?)
Love ya'll sooooo much! Take luck.

<3hermana bonny 
This is my birthday cake. Carmel spice cake if ya can't tell:):) mmm-mmm good! Only 40 cents at a Kroger near you!

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