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Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/5/2014 Saying Goodbye

Sierra's Farewell was Feb 23rd and she had the chapel full of family and friends to support her.  
She spoke about honesty and integrity and did an excellent job.

Sierra and a few of her closest friends at the Open House following sacrament meeting

Penny made Sierra a masterpiece of a quilt covered with images from home

Finally the big day arrives! March 5, 2014 
We woke up before 3am so she could catch a 6am flight.  Saying our tearful goodbyes was so bittersweet...but little did we know we would speak to Sierra numerous times before the end of the day!

That's more like it

Mom just couldn't hold it in any longer

She made it through security (it wouldn't be so easy in Mexico) Now the travel adventure begins. 


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