Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/13/2014 Week one

Ummm oh geez where to start!  First off P-day is AWESOME!!!!!   I miss you guys so much!  Its crazy I feel like I've been gone for like a year already!!  I don't even remember if you guys are real or just some strange people in my dreams!  So basically the first 3 days were the pits and I was seriously wishing that they hadn't found my passport.....but then after Sunday Ihave loved it.  For reals, this is awesome!   I have the best (most musically inclined) district ever! (pictures to come) and TWO companions! (umm....more to come on them too..) but remember that one girl that we met in the airport?? ya we are like best friends!   She's so awesome!   I'm probably going to seriously over use that word today!  Basically this mission thing is not what I expected at all but its so much more!

First off most people don't start off their missions in jail.  I did.   Yea, for all of you going foreign or coming back from foreign places, or even just going on vacation, don't EVER leave your passport on the plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Apparently I look like I could be a terrorist since I'm you know white and they wouldn't let me walk 50 ft back onto the plane to go get it!   Instead they sent me to Mexican airport hell. Literally.   I have no guilt in saying that because that's what it was!  I had to take off all my jewelry sit in a locked up room with metal benches and a few mats on the floor (that were occupied by some very iffy individuals), and guess how long i was there? ya not 3 or 4 hours....ELEVEN!   I think the people in charge forgot to look for it because they didn't find my passport until the plane had already flown back to America!  Grrrr, ya it gave the whole "love the people you teach" thing a rocky start.  Once they found my passport (exactly where I told them it would be, in the pocket in front of my seat) they had to send it back to Mexico on the next flight out.  If my passport hadn't been returned that night I would have had to leave Mexico early the next morning and finish my MTC training in Provo!  Pretty crazy how close I came to not even making it into Mexico!

If only I had listened in Mr. McDonald's class! (thanks Michelle;)  so ya dia uno was the pits. No joke.  I cried mucho!  But anyways, I finally made it to El CCM and it is beautiful!!!!  As you will see below its just this cute little town/village with a bunch of colorful houses all full of even cuter missionaries!  Oh but its smells like poop.  So ya I met my companions (yes i have 2:) at 130am when I finally got to mi casa and Hermana Jensen is amazing, like we were friends before this life!  Hermana Tate on the other hand is very different from me, but she keeps me focused and on time and remembers the things I forget, so I know I'll be glad I had her :)
Well now onto the boring stuff...class, but its pretty much my life.  Spanish class is ummm makes the ACT seem like nothing!  Its for about 4 hours straight every morning with one 5 minute break!   By the end I swear I can hear my brain sizzling!   But hey, now I can pray and speak perfect Spanglish! Yahoo!   

Hermanas Tate, Bonny, Coates, Olsen, and Jensen
Well this is really stressful trying to type all of these emails and read all of your lovely emails in my ity bity time window, and I forgot everything I had planned out to say!  So here's my missionary robot moment so bear with me...
The church is sooooo true!  Last night we taught our "investigator" the most rockin' lesson EVER! (all in Spanish btw) and the spirit was so strong!  It makes all of the hard parts of a mission worth it!  So for all you missionaries heading out soon (Morgan), no matter how hard it is at first, because believe me, I definitely cried a few times on dia 1 and 2, the spirit you feel makes everything worth it!  So don't get discouraged!   I'm sure all of you wonderful Elders can back me up that the lord has your back:) 

She is "at one" with herself...but where are her companeras?

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