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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/26/14 Week 37

Ahhhh!! It was one of those weeks where I was sitting and pondering in the car what to say to ya'll and there's just TOO MUCH! I can't decide.  So since I have very limited time and too many long stories that require far too many details, I decided to go with a bulleted list for this week.  If there's any specific bullet that strikes your attention, then make a note of it and you can ask me for all the juicy details in nine months k? :) 

  1. We set a baptism date with William! Woot woot!! :)  He's our investigator that has the thickest Puerto Rican accent EVER.  I thought I was good at Spanish until I met him. Apparently the sisters before had been trying to set a date for awhile but he never accepted, until Thursday! Yippee!  The spirit was so strong while we were testifying about the Book of Mormon and then afterwards Hna Lund asked him and he said yes!  I'm pretty positive he's not like many others that say yes just to make us this baptism is happening!
  2. We had the best lesson EVER with our investigator (well technically the elder's investigator, because she speaks English) Lily.  Her story is just crazy, and man do I have a testimony of Joseph Smith. That guy was awesome! Right after we finished talking about his story and sharing the First Vision, she burst out into tears! Then we all started crying and hugging.  I've only been in a couple other lessons in my whole mission where the spirit has been that strong.  It was amazing.  She's getting baptized on the 27th of December!
  3. Our investigator Nora came to church with her whole family.  She's got a baptismal date for the 13th of December :)
  4. I was literally fed out of a TROUGH full of food!  I'm getting really sick of frijoles….
  5. Our mission is doing this thing called "The Living Christmas Card" where we get to go to the homes of people that members refer us to, sing a Christmas song, then read some verses from the Bible and give them a little gift!  Sweet!  I'm sooo stoked for Christmas. 

Lots of love! The church is true!

Love hna bonny

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