Serving as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission

Thursday, August 13, 2015

7/28/15 Week 71

Sooo.....I've arrived in Denton - Yippee!  I miss Lewisville! I can't really decide how I feel!  I love both places but man after 6 months a place really starts to feel like home.  But anyways I've got a lot of stories to tell so I'm going to stop whining!  

Right now in Denton we only have several investigators, so we've been doing lots of finding these past few days...yay.....#trailerknocking..   We were out walking in this trailer park and we saw this kid kind of hiding behind his truck. I honestly almost missed him! We stopped and just started to talk to him, turns out he's 20 years old and has been recently thinking a lot about God. He said that he even has been thinking about coming to see what our church is all about! He feels like he has a lot that he just needs to get off his chest and he feels like church is where he needs to start. yyaaayyy! We ended up talking with him for 45 minutes! And here's the best part:  yesterday he actually came to YSA and loved it! The Elders are now starting to teach him! I know I've told a hundred stories like this, but living them never gets old:)
My awesome new comp, Hna Whipple has now been indoctrinated to essential missionary activity of Fro-yo'ing

Our 1 main investigator is named H.  She is married to this less-active named Jorge ( that I actually randomly met a few times in Lewisville while he was selling pest-control! haha small world!  Weston, he wants you to work for him..) Anyways she has been taking lessons for FOREVER! This past week we went over and talked with her about baptism. She said that she hasn't felt like she has ever gotten an answer about it. We started talking a little more about it, and our exchange Hermana Hernandez told her the PERFECT thing! She told a story about how she didn't get an answer from God until she just acted, and then after she felt the confirmation that it was right. I think that really impacted her, because after that she said "yeah, I feel that maybe I just need to do it and with faith." hallelujah!  if only everyone could have that point of view!  We set a date with her for sept 5th (sniff sniff, 3 days after I go...but oh well:) I don't really know her well yet, but I know she was feeling the spirit. 

This thing was a big as my hand!
Setting a bap date was a pretty fantastic way to start off things here:)  Other than that, this week we went sing tracting (my favorite),  bought ghetto ice cream from a scary Mexican paletero (really just so we could start talking to him about the gospel..but now I can check that off my bucket list), we a delicious brisket dinner with bishop and committed his son-in-law to take the lessons, and helped for like 5 hours at a clothing swap where I got a fabulous present for my dearest sister who is going to be 14 this week!:):) SHOUT OUT TO KATE!  LOOOVE YOU!  (Hehe hope you like your present) umm what else....we prayed allot, read a lot of great scriptures, talked to lots of strangers. Solid week.  The church is true! Love yall!
Hermana Bonny

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